Thursday, 30 June 2016

UFO News Article:
“Mysterious ‘Ghost Rockets’
Puzzling to Swedish Army”

12 August 1946
(The Victoria Advocate, Texas)

Quote from the article:
“Swedish military authorities plan to publish within the next few days a communique on an investigation they have been making of the ‘ghost rockets’ that have been streaking daily over Sweden since early July.

Between July 9-12 authorities received  300 reports of the missiles and since then reports have poured in daily. Fragments examined by scientists gave little in the way of clues.

In general the rocket is described as a small object with a flaming tail, which speeds at great height, making little sound. The longest flight of any of the missiles, so far as military experts could determine, was about 600 miles.

Swedish newspapers have been cautioned not to publish the names of places where the rockets appear.”,6975329

The Coat of Arms of the Swedish Armed Forces
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