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U.S. Government UFO Document:
“REPORT NR.: IR-1-56 –
SUBJECT: (Unclassified) Unidentified
Flying Objects Reporting (UFOB)”

Date: 31 August 1956
(Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.)


Quote from the document (not written in U.S. Department of Defense document format) (Page 4):
“ORIGINATING AGENCY: 81st Fighter Bomber Wing, England

Most significant are the reports of three courses of UFOBS tracked on the Bentwaters GCA Radar. These UFOBS flew courses as follows: 1 group of 12 to 15 UFOBS FROM a point 8 miles SW of Bentwaters to approximately 40-45 miles NE of Bentwaters at an estimated speed of 80 to 125 miles per hour; a single UFOB was tracked by the Bentwaters GCA from approximately 25 miles SE of Bentwaters to approximately 15 miles NW of Bentwaters at a speed estimated at more than 4,000 miles per hour; a third UFOB was reported as tracked by the Bentwaters GCA from approximately 30 miles E. of Bentwaters flying a westerly course to about 30 miles west of Bentwaters at an exceptionally high speed.

The GCA Operators making these radar sightings were of the opinion that malfunctions of the GCA Equipment did not cause these radar sightings.

The following information was obtained from USAF personnel assigned to RAF Station, Bentwaters, England concerning visual and radar sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects in the vicinity of their assigned station during the period 2120Z to 2220Z, 13 August 1956. The reliability of all the following sources of information is estimated to be usually reliable.”

The document, REPORT NR.: IR-1-56, is presented on Pages 4-9.

The acronym, UFOB, stands for “unidentified flying object.” It was created by the U.S. Air Force. The term is defined in the document, Air Force Regulation 200-2 (AFR 200-2).

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