Tuesday, 6 July 2010

MUFON Document:
1998: "Closing the Great Divide
Between Science and Ufology"

1998 MUFON International UFO Symposium (26-28 June 1998) abstracts:


John F. Schuessler was one of the lecturers at the 1998 MUFON symposium (jerrypippin.com photo)
UFO TV Interview:
Leslie Kean: UFOs and the Media -

Looking for the Truth (UFO Connection)

U.S. investigative journalist Leslie Kean talks about her experiences as a UFO reporter:


Leslie Kean, U.S. Investigative Journalist, Director of Investigations of the Coalition for Freedom of Information (CFi), UFO Author & Researcher (jerrypippin.com photo)
UFO News Article:
“ ‘Flying Saucers’ Mystify”, 7 July 1947
(The Age, Melbourne, Australia)

The Age reports that hundreds of persons in 28 U.S. states had sighted UFOs between 25 June and 7 July 1947:


Quote from the article:
“Actually the first mysterious flying saucer was sighted in Oregon on June 25 by Kenneth Arnold, …

Perhaps the most reliable description came from Captain E. J. Smith, of United Airlines, who reported seeing ‘round flat objects for 12 minutes’ in the course of a flight over Idaho. The co-pilot, Ralph Stevens, and a stewardess confirmed Smith’s story.”

Captain E. J. Smith (left), Kenneth Arnold and
Co-Pilot Ralph Stevens (historylink.org photo)
UFO Radio Interview:
Grant Cameron, 6 March 2009 (The Veritas Show)

Canadian UFO author and researcher Grant Cameron presents stories and documentation of U.S. Presidents’ involvement with the UFO phenomenon:


Grant Cameron runs The Presidents UFO Website:


Grant Cameron,
Canadian UFO Author &
(veritasshow.com photo)