Saturday, 6 February 2010

UFO Dispatch Log News:
Barron County UFO Reports,
13 January 2010 (The Chetek Alert, Wisconsin)

“Barron County Dispatch Log (5 January 2010):

8:25 p.m., received another report of a UFO-type item like last night. This time it is four miles to the west and one mile to the south of Prairie Farm. Units advised. 8:28 p.m., same description as last night, with a round bottom and blue, green and white lights and was bouncing up and down in the sky but never left the area. 9:11 p.m., received a second sighting southeast of Rice Lake. Units advised. 9:14 p.m., officer advised he was west of Cameron and does see something there. 9:14 p.m., another call of an object with red, green and white lights hovering over the southeast area of Rice Lake. Caller saw it from CTH SS. 9:22 p.m., original complainant advised she can still see it; although it is farther away, she was able to tape it. 9:35 p.m., officer believes it is a satellite, as it was last night.”

My comment: It's unlikely that the unknown objects could have been satellites, since they had several different lights:

Barron County,