Tuesday, 12 February 2013

UK Government UFO Document:
“Freedom of Information Act 2000 (Section 50) –
Decision Notice –
Date: 10 June 2010”
by Gerrard Tracey, Principal Policy Adviser
(Information Commissioner’s Office, Wilmslow, UK)

Quote from the document:
“The Request

3. On 11 April 2007 the complainant made the following request:

‘My request, (therefore), is for copies of MoD papers, records 
or other information relating to any or all internal discussions, 
policy and/or briefings in response to 1) public statement made 
to the media and 2) via the release of Open Skies Closed Minds 
by Mr Nicholas Pope during the period 1995-96. I wish you to 
include specific public interest material within the coverage 
of this request as follows:

a) Any internal discussions relating to Mr. Pope's public statements in the Mail on Sunday 2 July 1995, The Independent 3 June 1996 and other press articles during 1995/1996. 

b) Any specific discussions relating to Mr Pope’s published
statements that contradicted the department’s officially stated
policy on the subject of UFO’s and their supposed defence threat.

c) Any papers, generated by MOD or its PCB branch, that relate to
Mr Pope’s public allegation that ‘there was a faction [in the MOD]
that certainly didn’t want the book to appear.’ Specifically I
request a copy of ‘the short letter’ referred to in Mr Pope’s
interview with IUR which allegedly said his manuscript was
‘completely unacceptable to MoD and quite beyond any suitable
Amendment’ and any related discussion which resolved this
issue. As Mr Pope has spoken of this matter openly and in public
it cannot be seriously argued that this material falls within the

Website: “Information Commissioner’s Office” (ICO):

Wikipedia article: “Information Commissioner's Office”:


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UFO Article:
“UFO Hotspots” 
by Nick Pope (nickpope.net)

In this article, Nick Pope reveals that shortly before he became the head of the UK MoD UFO project, a UFO incident had been witnessed by MoD staff within the UK Ministry of Defence’s Main Building itself:


Nick Pope, the former Head of the UK MoD's UFO Office
(1991-1994), UFO Author, Lecturer & Researcher