Thursday, 11 July 2013

UFO Paper (Summary):
“Animal Reactions to UFOs—
A Summary of the Evidence”

By Joan Woodward

Quote from the web page:
“Summarized from the original paper, Animal Reactions to UFOs: A Preliminary Investigation from the Animals’ Perspective, MUFON Special Publication, July 2005, 60 pp, 
and also published as a submitted paper in the 36th Annual 
International UFO Symposium, (2005) pp. 229-278.”

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UFO Journal Article:
“U. F. O. Landing Case In Missouri . . .
Reported by Ted Phillips”

(Skylook, No. 66, May 1973)
(Midwest UFO Network, Stover, Missouri)

Ted R. Phillips writes about a UFO incident (UFO sighting at 10:00 p.m. and presumed UFO landing at 3:00 a.m.) (the case involves TV signals interference and animal reaction) that occurred on a farm in South-Central Missouri on the night of 14-15 September 1972:

Quote from the article:
“There is no electricity on the Brown farm. Mr. and Mrs. Brown (not their real name) had just turned on their battery powered television, a Panasonic Model, at 10 P.M. and started to watch a program when ‘there started this pulsation. I thought it was spark plug interference. The light was dimmed and then brightened; it would be as though you were adjusting the contrast back and forth- -it would become bright and light- -like that. The image would fade to a gray point. The pulses seemed to come and go in about two second intervals,’ Brown said.

In conclusion, Phillips says: Although no definite object was seen at the site, the animal (dogs) reaction and observation of the flash (for which there is no obvious explanation) leading to the discovery of the site, prompts me to consider this a high quality report. The ground markings were not made by animals. Whatever it was that penetrated the ground, it was a constructed device. One should also consider the fact that this type of landing site fits the pattern found in a number of other reports where a UFO has been seen at the site.”

Ted R. Phillips (left) and Dr. J. Allen Hynek investigate the

2 November 1975 Medford, Minnesota, UFO landing incident ( photo)