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UFO Case Directory (Distant Encounters):
“15' Object Hovers 12' Off Ground
Nov. 6, 1957
Boerne, Texas”


The whole UFO case report:
Brad Sparks:
Nov. 6, 1957; Boerne, Texas (BBU 5205)
6 p.m. McGregor saw an oval object, about 15 ft long, bright orange similar to glowing coals, hovering 12 ft above ground. He went to call his family but the object had vanished when he returned. Tape [?]. (cf. VallĂ©e Magonia 431; FUFOR Index)” presents U.S. government (Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force) documents that pertain to the UFO case.

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Satellite photo of Boerne, Texas (
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UFO News Article:

7 November 1957
(Billings Gazette, Montana)


The whole article:
“A star-like object of many colors—escorted by about six tiny, 
scarlet disks—glowed in the skies over Glendive Tuesday 
(5 November 1957), a barber and other residents claimed 

The strange lights resembled a star but were much larger than an ordinary star, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Nielsen said.

The central object—longer than it was wide—had a yellowish, star-like glow. From each side at its lower ends, a greenish-glow was seen flashing on an angle. The center of the lower end was a fiery red, the Nielsens said.

There apparently were no vapor trails in the sky but the Nielsens and other Glendive residents claimed to have heard the sound of ‘motors,’ stemming, they believed, from the object.

The unidentified object and its escorts were visible for about 1½ hours before they seemed ‘to disintegrate high in the sky.’ ”

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UFO Article (Blog):
“The Levelland Landing and
Sheriff Weir Clem – Updated”

By Kevin D. Randle, 13 August 2019
(A Different Perspective, Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Quote from the article:
“As many of you know, I have long thought that the Levelland sightings of November 2/3, 1957, are among the best. There are multiple witnesses in multiple locations who reported their cars stopped and their lights dimmed at the close approach of a glowing red (and sometimes blue) egg-shaped craft.”

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Aerial view of Levelland, Texas
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