Friday, 20 July 2012

UFO News Article:
“Tubular Object Spotted in Sky”, 6 March 1981
(The Union Democrat, Sonora, California)

Green Springs Road resident Jim Herburger sighted 3 UFOs
(1 cylindrical shaped and 2 (bright white) disk shaped) over O’Byrnes Ferry Road (Copperopolis, California) on the early morning (unknown date), The Union Democrat reports:,364207,415587

O’Byrnes Ferry Road rancher Garland Henington also sighted a UFO at around 3:00 a.m.

Quote from the article:
“And members of the George Bedford family, also Green Springs Rd. residents report hearing a ‘whirling’ sound also described by Herburger.

Herburger described the cigar-shaped spacecraft that first came into view as 50 feet long, 15 feet thick and hanging still in the morning sky about 500 yards west of the road. The saucers, appearing to be about 50 feet in diameter, came into view moments later.

Henington today told The Union Democrat that he and his wife saw another UFO, much like the one he had encountered at 3 a.m., several days after the initial incident.”

“Copperopolis, California” (

O’Byrnes Ferry Road (Copperopolis, California) can be found at these coordinates (Google Earth): 37°53'59.33" N 120°33'56.91" W

Green Springs Road can be found at these coordinates (Google Earth): 37°53'28.61" N 120°33'51.02" W

Copperopolis, California is situated 155 kilometres (96 miles) east of San Francisco.

Map of Copperopolis, California (
( image)
UFO News Article:
“The month that E.T. came to D.C.”, 20 July 2012
(The Washington Post, Washington, D.C.)

The Washington Post informs about the UFO incidents that occurred over Washington, D.C. in July 1952:

Aerial view of Washington, D.C. (
( photo)