Saturday, 31 March 2018

UFO News Article & TV News Report:
“Abilene pilot claims he spots UFO midflight”

Updated: 29 March 2018
(KXAN News (NBC), Austin, Texas)

KXAN News interviews Abilene, Texas, pilot Blenus Green about the 24 February 2018 Arizona UFO sightings that involved the crews of two airliners.

It was a Phoenix Air flight and American Airlines Flight 1095 that had independent close encounters with an unknown craft flying at around 40,000 feet.

The two UFO sightings occurred between roughly 3:30 p.m. and 4:15 p.m. local time.

The airplanes were flying (heading east) at about 37,000 feet between the Sonoran Desert National Monument, Southern Arizona, and the border of New Mexico when the incidents took place.

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Map of Arizona (
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UFO TV News Report:

Published: 19 December 2017
(TV4, Stockholm, Sweden)

Source: Nyhetsmorgon (YouTube channel)

TV4 interviews Clas Svahn (Vice Chairman of UFO-Sverige) about the U.S. Department of Defense’s UFO programme, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

The programme was run by Luis Elizondo, an intelligence official. Elizondo is now the Director of Global Security & Special Programs for the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science.

In this interview, Svahn says that he had talked with a Royal Swedish Air Force fighter pilot – who said that he once chased a UFO which flew directly into space. The fighter pilot was shocked by the experience, according to Svahn.

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Clas Svahn, Vice Chairman and International Coordinator
of UFO-Sverige (Sweden) ( photo)

Friday, 30 March 2018

UFO Radio Interview:
Dr. Bruce Maccabee:
“The FBI-CIA-UFO Connection”

Published: 16 May 2016
(The Moore Show, UK)

Source: The Moore Show (YouTube channel)

Dr. Bruce Maccabee talks about his book, The FBI-CIA-UFO Connection: The Hidden UFO Activities of USA Intelligence Agencies (Richard Dolan Press, 2014).

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Dr. Bruce Maccabee, U.S. Optical Physicist,
UFO Author & Researcher
( photo)

UFO TV News Report:

Published: 28 March 2018
(CBS News, New York City, New York)

Source: CBS This Morning (YouTube channel)

CBS This Morning reports on the 24 February 2018 Arizona UFO sightings that involved the crews of two airliners.

It was a Phoenix Air flight and American Airlines Flight 1095 that had independent close encounters with an unknown craft flying at around 40,000 feet.

The two UFO sightings occurred between roughly 3:30 p.m. and 4:15 p.m. local time.

The airplanes were flying (heading east) at about 37,000 feet between the Sonoran Desert National Monument, Southern Arizona, and the border of New Mexico when the incidents took place.

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Thursday, 29 March 2018

UFO Book List:
“A UFO Bibliography”

By Keith Rowell
(Oregon MUFON)

The late Terry Hansen, author of the book, The Missing Times:
News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-up (2000)
( photo)

UFO TV News Report:
“Triangles And Toblerones: UFO Files Released”

Published: 18 February 2010
(Sky News, London, UK)

Source: Sky News (YouTube channel)

Sky News reports on the UK Ministry of Defence UFO files that were released on 18 February 2010 (fifth batch).

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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

UFO News Article:
“Radar Sees ‘Flying Saucers’
Near Capital A Second Time”

28 July 1952
(The Herald Statesman, Yonkers, New York)


The whole article:
“Radar—which normally doesn’t  show something that isn’t there— has picked up ‘flying saucers’ near the nation’s capital for the second time within a week.

Jet fighter pilots searched the skies without directly contacting anything during the six hours that four to 12 unidentified objects intermittently appeared on radar screens at Washington National Airport and nearby Andrews Air Force Base.

One pilot said he saw four lights approximately 10 miles away and slightly above him but they disappeared before he could overtake them. Later, the same pilot said, he saw ‘a steady white light’ five miles away that vanished in about a minute.

So far as could be determined, this was the first time jets have been sent on the trail of such sky ghosts.

Officials carefully avoided mentioning ‘flying saucers’,  just as they did when radar picked up seven or eight unidentified objects near Washington last Monday. But the Air Force was expected to add the report to its long list of saucer sightings, which officials say are coming in faster than at any time since the initial flurry in 1947.”

Wikipedia article: “1952 Washington, D.C. UFO incident”:

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The Washington Post headline, 28 July 1952:
“ ‘Saucer’ Outran Jet, Pilot Reveals”

Satellite photo of Washington, D.C. (
( photo)

Monday, 26 March 2018

4 UFOs Filmed During the NASA STS-115 Mission

(National Aeronautics and Space Administration,
Washington, D.C.)

Source: tarfin (YouTube channel)

The video clearly shows that NASA filmed four unknown objects (not three, as mentioned by the astronaut).

During NASA’s STS-115 press conference, STS-115 Entry Flight Director Steve Stich says the following: “And, as you well know, we saw an object yesterday.” No, NASA – it was four unknown objects!

The footage was recorded on 20 September 2006, at approximately 4:25 a.m. PDT, according to the video source.

The NASA STS-115 Space Shuttle mission:

Launch date: 9 September 2006 –
Landing date: 21 September 2006.

I also reported about this video on 3 February 2009.

Wikipedia article: “NASA”:

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(NASA/ image)

UFO News Article:
“Michigan inundated by dozens of UFO sightings”

20 March 1994
(The Journal Times, Racine, Wisconsin)

The The Journal Times reports on the March 1994 Michigan UFO incidents.

The article mentions police officer Jeff Velthouse’s UFO sighting and the National Weather Service’s (Muskegon office) UFO radar registrations, among other UFO observations.

Wikipedia article: “National Weather Service”:

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Map of Michigan (
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Sunday, 25 March 2018

UFO News Article:

24 October 1974
(The Livingston Republican, Geneseo, New York)


The whole article:
“Police officers chased an unidentified flying object reportedly traveling at high speeds from Geneseo to the Perry-Warsaw Town Line early Monday morning (21 October 1974).

Livingston County sheriff’s deputies Salvatore NiCastro and Jeffrey McDonald first noted the stationary object at 2:15 a.m. while on Route 63 in the vicinity of Fall Brook in Geneseo.

They called a second patrol car to verify what they saw.

Later Geneseo patrolman Rolland Barnhart also saw the object. Deputy David Kline said once the object turned from white to orange. Other officers, however, saw it only as a ball of white light.

According to NiCastro, ‘It remained stationary for a couple of minutes and appeared to be over the town of Leicester, and we started down 20A (heading west) to find it. It increased its speed when we did and decreased its speed when we did.’ ”

Satellite photo of Geneseo, New York (
( photo)

Saturday, 24 March 2018

U.S. Government UFO Audio Recording:
“Project Blue Book Interviews Morgantown,
West Virginia Police Officers - UFO Case 3/3/1968”

(Project Blue Book, U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.)

Source: The Black Vault (YouTube channel)

Video text:
“Interviews with Morgantown, West Virginia Police Officers and others regarding a possible UFO sighting on March 3, 1968.

This film reel was collected by UFO Investigator Rob Mercer, and digitized to preserve the history.”

(The Black Vault/ image)

UFO TV News Report:

23 March 2018
(Fox News, New York City, New York)

Source: eventimus (YouTube channel)

Fox News interviews Christopher Mellon about the 3rd Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) video.

Christopher Mellon is a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and a former Minority Staff Director, Senate Intelligence Committee. Mellon is now the National Security Affairs Advisor for the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science.

Fox News deserves kudos for its UFO reporting.

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UFO TV News Report:

20 November 2017
(Fox News, New York City, New York)

Source: eventimus (YouTube channel)

Fox News interviews The Drive (The War Zone) journalist Tyler Rogoway about the 25 October 2017 California/Oregon border UAP incident.

Multiple pilots saw the aircraft.

The unidentified aircraft was first registered on radar before becoming invisible to radar.

The incident has been confirmed by both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the U.S. Air Force, according to Rogoway.

The Drive filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to get hold of information pertaining to the incident.

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(Fox News/eventimus/ image)

Friday, 23 March 2018

UFO News Article:
Mysterious Objects in Sky Over Valley”

14 February 1957
(Los Angeles Times, California)


Quote from the article:
“Two mystery objects that traveled at twice the speed of normal jet aircraft, darted through the skies, stood still and changed color were seen at about 60,000 feet over San Fernando Valley for 15 minutes last night (13 February 1957), Burbank police reported.

Officer Bob Wells, Marine veteran of Korea, was one of the witnesses, Desk Officer W. R. Wooton said.”

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Burbank, Los Angeles County, California
( image)

Map of Burbank, Los Angeles County, California
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911 UFO Calls (Audio):
The 8 March 1994 Holland, Michigan,
UFO Incident

Source: Of Sound Mind And Body (YouTube channel)

The March 1994 (most of the UFO sightings were made on
8 March) South West Michigan UFO sightings (involved about 300
witnesses) were made from Grand Rapids to the Lake Michigan
shoreline between Muskegon and South Haven.

National Weather Service radar registered the UFO activity.

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Aerial view of Holland, Michigan
( photo)

Map of South West Michigan (
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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

UFO Article (Blog):
“UFO Dives at Military Police Officers,
and a US Army ‘Serious Incident Report’ ”

By Paul Dean, 16 March 2018
(UFOs – Documenting The Evidence, Melbourne, Australia)

Quote from the article:
“During the early hours of September the 8th, 1973, the United States Army’s historic Hunter Army Airfield, located near Savannah, Georgia, was apparently the scene of a provocative, ‘close encounter’ UFO incident. Two military policemen, MP Specialist Bart Burns and MP Specialist Randy Shade, who were assigned to the 298th Military Police Company (298th MPC) at Hunter, were the main witnesses. The local Provost Marshall at nearby Fort Stewart was involved, and event was the subject of a US Army ‘Serious Incident Report.’ Two years later, Army officers at Headquarters, 1st Brigade, 24th Infantry Division, at Fort Stewart, would have to deal with the event all over again. Considerable media attention was given to the UFO sighting, and both witnesses were able to make statements to reporters. In fact, press coverage was so swift that it appears that local the Army units were caught somewhat off guard. Furthermore, the next night, on the 9th of September, 1973, MP Burns, and other military police officer, MP Murray, would report another UFO in the vicinity of Hunter, though this secondary incident was little more than a light–in–the–sky event. Ultimately, in a rare coup, the Army would officially release significant documentation under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).”

The article contains several U.S. government documents
(U.S. Army) and two news articles.

Wikipedia article: “Hunter Army Airfield”:

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( image)

UFO Case Directory (RADCAT):
“Key Radar Case (CCL #17)
July 29, 1952
20 mi W. of Port Huron, Michigan”


The whole UFO case report:
Fran Ridge:
This report is case #17, on the official clearance list of 41 formerly classified Air Technical Intelligence UFO reports cleared for Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe by Albert M. Chop, Air Force Press Desk.

Brad Sparks:
July 29 [28?], 1952.  20 miles W of Port Huron, Mich (at 43.0° N, 82.8° W).
9:40-10 p.m. (EST).  One of 3 USAF F-94B's on an ECM exercise at 9,000-9,500 ft from 61st FIS at Selfridge AFB climbed to 20,000 ft on a 270° heading when it was vectored to a UFO headed S [or SE?] at 625 mph from Saginaw Bay by GCI air defense radar [apparently FPS-3, Port Austin AFS, Mich.] (callsign ‘Avenger’) [tracked about 7 mins evidently].  Ground radar told pilot Capt. Edward J. Slowinski (Sloan) to look at his 3 o’clock low position for a target (to the N), but found nothing, then told to look at 3 o’clock high (radar man recalled ‘low’ then ‘high,’ pilot said he was told ‘high’ then ‘low’).  F-94 turned right to pursue [~9:47 p.m.].  Object suddenly reversed course with a tight 180° turn back N on ground radar scope [evidently at 300 mph to match F-94’s speed, in a visible loop on the radar scope on a right turn paralleling the F-94’s right turn but tighter].  As the F-94 continued right turn, radar observer Lt. Victor Helfenbein picked up target at 4 miles range on APG-33 airborne radar, level with jet altitude, at 60° relative or 2 o’clock (about 330° to 360° azimuth depending on how far into the turn) (pilot said Helfenbein reported 2:30 o’clock).  Airborne radar contact made [for possibly 20 secs during the turn] then at dead ahead 12 o’clock position radar got lockon for 30 secs until target ‘jumped lock’ when it apparently almost doubled its 4-mile [or 4-5 mi] distance in one sweep of the ground radar accelerating to 1,400 mph average speed [4-mile jump in 10-sec sweep of radar, thus reaching peak 2,600 mph at about 20 g’s].  Jet briefly put on afterburner to try to close distance with object on 360° heading at 21,000 ft increasing speed with afterburner to about 350 knots IAS (about 490 knots TAS or 560 mph) [for about 3 mins?], but object would put on a burst of speed and pull away from the jet.  F-94 pilot first saw multiple lights ahead as if from a jet aircraft, but no exhaust or trail, and followed the GCI vectoring to target ahead between 12 o’clock and 1 o’clock positions.  Object appeared ‘many times larger than a star’ then ‘took on a reddish tinge, and slowly began to get smaller, as if it were moving away,’ and changed color from reddish then bluish-green then white then red again in sequence (both crew members in agreement) low on the horizon to the N (possibly the star Capella and unrelated to radar target, though Helfenbein was an expert celestial navigator since 1943 with 1,400 flying hours and had never seen anything ‘like this before’; also another F-94 followed same N route about 10:30 p.m. with Capella still visible but did not see it as unusual or anything else).  F-94 continued N heading [for about 5 mins] at about 300 mph as object maintained lead at 6-10 miles range, with GCI telling F-94 crew they were not gaining on the target on scope.  Chase ended with F-94 about 5 miles N of peninsula (map shows 10 mi ENE of Burnt Cabin Point at 44°07’ N, 82°45’W) return due to low fuel, object then slowed to 200-300 mph before disappearing after another 1-2 mins.  (Sparks;  McDonald 1968;  McDonald papers;  Mary Castner/CUFOS;  Loren Gross July 21-31, 1952 SUPP pp. 71-77;  Ruppelt pp. 171-172, 190;  BB Status Rpt 8, pp. 27-28, in NARA Roll 85, p. 701-2, Maxwell Roll 1, pp. 674-5;  Todd Lemire) 

Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt:
......  less than six hours after the ladies and gentlemen of the press said ‘Thank you’ to General Samford for his press conference, and before the UFO’s could read the newspapers and find out that they were natural phenomena, one of them came down across the Canadian border into Michigan. The incident that occurred that night was one of those that even the most ardent skeptic would have difficulty explaining. I’ve heard a lot of them try and I’ve heard them all fail. (RUFOS, 171)” presents several U.S. government documents (U.S. Air Force) that pertain to the case.

( image)

Satellite photo of Port Huron, Michigan (
( photo)