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TV Documentary Series UFO Story:
“Sea Fury Incident: Australian radar UFO case”


Source: THE.VHS.VAULT. (YouTube channel), 14 February 2020

On 31 August 1954, Navy fighter pilot Lieutenant J. A. O’Farrell sighted two UFOs while flying near Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia.

Royal Australian Navy Air Station Nowra radar operator Petty Officer Keith Jessop confirmed that two UFOs were manoeuvering near O’Farrell’s Sea Fury airplane.

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Lieutenant (in 1954) J. A. ‘Seamus’ O’Farrell, 
Royal Australian Navy
(NOTE: The image comes from Seven Network or 
Nine Network, Australia.)

Satellite photo of Goulburn, Australia (
( photo)

UFO Article (Blog):

16 May 2017
(AUS UFO (, Australia)

Quote from the article:
“Making headlines in December 1954 is the now infamous ‘Sea
Fury’ encounter. On August 31st, 1954, [fighter pilot] Lieutenant
J.A. O’Farrell was returning to Royal Australian Navy Air Station

Nowra after flying across the country in a Sea Fury Aircraft.

At about 7:10pm while near [Goulburn], NSW, O’Farrell saw a bright light approaching at speed almost head on. It crossed in front of his aircraft taking up position on his port beam, where it appeared to orbit.

A second ‘bright light’ was seen at nine o’clock, passing about a mile in from the Sea Fury before turning in the position where the first light was observed.

According to the pilot, the crossing speeds of the lights were the fastest he’d ever seen. He was flying at about 400km/h.

Radar operator at Nowra base Petty Officer Keith Jessop confirmed the presence of two objects near the Sea Fury on the G.C.I. remote display.

The two lights reformed at nine o’clock before disappearing on a north-easterly heading.

O’Farrell could only make out ‘a vague shape with the white light situated centrally on top.’ The Directorate of Naval Intelligence at the time wrote that O’Farrell was ‘an entirely credible witness’ and that he ‘was visibly ‘shaken’ by his experience, but remains adamant that he saw these objects.’

‘These two aircraft came in quite close to me and I could really see the dark mass and that they were quite big, but I couldn’t make out any other lights or any other form of an aircraft. With that they took off and headed off to the north east at great speed.’ –J.A. ‘Seamus’ O’Farrell.”

Wikipedia article: “HMAS Albatross (air station)”:

Wikipedia article: “Hawker Sea Fury”:

Wikipedia article: “Goulburn, New South Wales”:

Lieutenant [in 1954] J.A. ‘Seamus’ O’Farrell (Text: AUS UFO)
(Photo: AUS UFO (

Satellite photo of Goulburn, Australia (
( photo)