Saturday, 13 August 2016

UFO Lecture:
“Robert Hastings – UFOs and Nukes –
Copenhagen, 8 June 2013”

(Exopolitics Denmark)

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Robert L. Hastings, 
U.S. UFO Author,
Lecturer & Researcher
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UFO Video Interview:
“Navy Fighters Chase UFO Over
Hanford Atomic Plant in 1945”

Source: Frank Warren (YouTube channel)

Text in the video:
“2013 interview with former U.S. Navy fighter pilot Clarence ‘Bud’ Clem, who describes an attempted intercept of a UFO that maneuvered above the Hanford plutonium production plant, in January 1945.

In 2014seven months after the interview with Clemdeclassified U.S. Army documents were brought to Robert Hastings’ attention. They confirm that military radar had tracked an ‘unidentified aircraft’ maneuvering over the Hanford facility on three dates in January 1945. Clem’s military records state that his Hellcat F6F fighter squadron was at Naval Air Station Pasco from January 9 to February 15, 1945.”

Frank Warren runs The UFO Chronicles (

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Satellite photo of Hanford, Washington (
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