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UFO News Article:

6 January 1953
(The Monroe News-Star, Louisiana)


The whole article:
“A bright, colorful object, ‘shaped like an arrow-head,’ was in sight over Dallas for two hours Tuesday [6 January 1953] and officials who observed it said it ‘definitely was not a star or a plane.’

Police dispatcher Lewis Passons said he first began getting reports of the strange object about 1 [a.m.] cst.

‘People called in describing the thing as green, orange and red,’ Passons said. ‘They said it was arrow-shaped with a green nose and wings that gave off a white light and a whirring noise.’

[Passons] said he didn’t get ‘too concerned until several squad cars reported seeing the object.

‘Then we got in touch with the tower at Love Field and they said it was visible from there,’ Passons said. ‘Several boys climbed on top of City Hall and said they could see it plainly.’

W. B. Harris, Dallas Fire Department dispatcher, said he watched the object from the window of his office for about two hours.

‘I wish I’d never seen it,’ Harris said. ‘It’s too fantastic, and now there’ll be a lot of talk. I just wish I’d never seen it.’

Harris said that the object changed colors while he was watching it, ‘from and orange to a bright red.’

‘I know this much,’ Harris said, ‘It wasn’t a plane or a star.’

Wyle Moore, controller on duty at the Love Field tower, said when he first spotted the object he estimated its height at 30,000 feet.”

‘I marked a spot on the glass here so I could keep up with it,’ he said, ‘and within 30 minutes I’d estimate it had gone up to 80,000 feet. In another hour it had gotten up to 100,000 feet and then, of course, you could barely see it.’

Moore said that a number of pilots gathered in the control tower to watch the [object]. They pooled their guesses, he said, and the [consensus] was that the object was traveling 2,000 miles an hour.

Moore said that he had worked in the control tower for 14 years and that he had been a pilot for 27 years.

‘I should know a plane or a star by now,’ Moore said, ‘and this wasn’t either.’

Passons said that reports of the object came from as far away as Paris, Tex., about 100 miles northeast of Dallas. He said he understood a jet plane had been [sent] up from Hensley Naval Air Station to chase the object.

However, the control tower at Hensley said that no aircraft had left the station since Monday afternoon and that no pilots aloft had reported sighting any strange objects.

Officers at Carswell Air Force Base at Fort Worth said that no plane had been sent out from there to trail the object.”

My comment:
I first learned of this UFO case while reading David B. Marler’s brilliant book, Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation.

The police dispatcher received the first UFO reports at 3:00 a.m. CST, according to Marler.

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Dallas Love Field, Dallas, Texas
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UFO Radio Interview:
“Kevin H. Knuth, Ph.D. Estimating
Flight Characteristics of UAVs”

Streamed live: 10 March 2020
(Podcast UFO, Sebago, Maine)

Source: Martin Willis Live Shows (YouTube channel)

Video text:
”A fascinating discussion with guest, Kevin H. Knuth, Ph.D. about his recent peer-reviewed scientific paper called: Estimating Flight Characteristics of Anomalous Unidentified Aerial Vehicles, his own personal sighting and his quest for a scientific answer to the UFO problem.

Link to Show Notes with info discussed:

Prof. Knuth is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics at the University at Albany (SUNY), and is the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Entropy (MDPI). He is a former NASA research scientist having worked for four years at NASA Ames Research Center in the Intelligent Systems Division designing artificial intelligence algorithms for astrophysical data analysis. He has over 20 years of experience in applying Bayesian and maximum entropy methods to the design of machine learning algorithms for data analysis applied to the physical sciences. His current research interests include the foundations of physics, quantum information, inference and inquiry, autonomous robotics, and the search for and characterization of extrasolar planets. He has published over 90 peer-reviewed publications and has been invited to give over 80 presentations in 14 countries.”

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