Wednesday, 27 February 2013

UFO Website (Blog):
“Le blog Ufologique de Gildas Bourdais”

Gildas Bourdais is an expert on the French “COMETA Report”:

English translation:

Gildas Bourdais,
French UFO Author,
Lecturer & Researcher
( photo)
UFO Article:
by Jan L. Aldrich 
(PROJECT 1947, Canterbury, Connecticut)

The article was originally published in the April 1996 issue of the MUFON UFO Journal, Jan L. Aldrich writes:

Jan L. Aldrich,
U.S. UFO Researcher
( photo)

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

UFO Article (Blog):
“More National Archive Australian UFO files released”
by Keith Basterfield, 19 January 2012
(UFOs – scientific research, Campbelltown,
New South Wales, Australia)

Keith Basterfield writes about the discovery of five new Australian government UFO files:

( image)
UFO Article (Blog):
“Interaction between the RAAF and USAF – 
Project Bluebook”
by Keith Basterfield, 9 January 2012
(UFOs – scientific research, Campbelltown,
New South Wales, Australia)

Keith Basterfield informs that the Royal Australian Air Force supplied the U.S. Air Force with information on sightings from Australia in the early 1950s:

( image)


( image)
UFO Article (Blog):
“RAAF Darwin UAP National Archive files digitised”
by Keith Basterfield, 16 August 2012
(UFOs – scientific research, Campbelltown,
New South Wales, Australia)

Keith Basterfield reports about two RAAF Base Darwin (Northern Territory, Australia) UAP files (file series E1327 control symbol 5/4/Air Part 6/7 and file series E1327 control symbol 5/4/Air Part 1):

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A USAF C-130 taking off from RAAF Base Darwin in 1999
( ( photo)
UFO Article (Blog):
“RAAF Base Darwins UAP files” 
by Keith Basterfield, 24 February 2013
(UFOs – scientific research, Campbelltown,
New South Wales, Australia)

Keith Basterfield informs about the National Archives of Australia’s file series E1327:

This NAA file series consists of dozens of files on various aspects 
of the operations of RAAF Base Darwin, Northern Territory, 

Wikipedia article: “RAAF Base Darwin”:

RAAF Base Darwin’s main gate (
( photo)
UFO Book Introduction:
“Introduction to UFOs and the National Security State:
The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973 - 1991”
by Richard M. Dolan, 2009
(, Rochester, New York)

The book was published by Keyhole Publishing, Rochester, New York on 1 September 2009:

Richard M. Dolan,
U.S. Historian, UFO Author,
Lecturer & Researcher

Sunday, 24 February 2013

UFO Book Introduction:
“UFOs and the National Security State
Volume 1, 1941 - 1973  Introduction
by Richard M. Dolan
(, Rochester, New York)

The book’s title is “UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Cover-Up, 1941-1973” (Revised edition) (Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing, Newburyport, Massachusetts, 1 June 2002):

It was originally published as “UFOs and the National Security State: An Unclassified History, 1941-1973” (Publisher: Keyhole Publishing Company, Rochester, New York, 2000).

( image)
UFO News/Magazine Articles:
“in the news 1952” 
(Saturday Night Uforia)

Part 29 (17 August and 18 August 1952):

( image)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

UFO News Article:
“UFO viewed over Gilbert”, 
23 October 1973 (Williamson Daily News, West Virginia)

Police Chief Charles Sparks and about 25 to 30 other people sighted a UFO (moved in a westerly direction) over Gilbert, West Virginia on 22 October 1973, at around 9:10 p.m., according to the Williamson Daily News:

Quote from the article:
“The object, described by the policeman as round in shape, gray 
in color with a revolving white stationary light, a yellow pulsating 
light and two small, blue flashing lights, …

The policeman also stated that the object moved at a considerable rate of speed and then slowed for a few moments.

The estimated height of the object was 2,000 feet and it made no noticeable sound.”

NOTE: The article continues on page 2.

Gilbert, West Virginia” (

Satellite photo of Gilbert, West Virginia (
( photo)
UFO Lecture (Excerpt):
Scott Littleton, Ph.D.:
 “The Battle of Los Angeles”,
16 March 2010 (MUFON-LA)

The Battle of Los Angeles” occurred on 24 and 25 (p.m. into a.m.) February 1942: (2)

Wikipedia article: “Battle of Los Angeles”:

The famous 25 February 1942 Battle of Los Angeles” photo
( photo)

Friday, 22 February 2013

UFO Case Report:
“Radar visual aircraft UFO encounter near
Hanford nuclear plant, December 10, 1952”

The report contains a link to the 1952 Air Intelligence report 

Quote from the report:
“On December 10, 1952, at 19:20, the pilot and radar observer of 
a patrolling F-94 from Moses AFB spotted a light over Hanford’s 
Atomic Energy Commissions nuclear plant, near Richland
Washington, while flying at 26,000 feet.”

Map of the Hanford Site, Washington State
( image)
UFO Article:
“UFO Sighting Over Nuclear Reactor –
Hanford, Washington, July 1945”

This is an article about U.S. Navy fighter pilot Rolan D. Powell’s UFO sighting:

Wikipedia article: “Hanford Site”:

Aerial view of the Hanford Site, Washington State, January 1960
( ( photo)

Thursday, 21 February 2013

UFO News Article (Excerpt):
Savannah, Georgia UFO Sighting,
7 September 1973 (Savannah Morning News, Georgia)
(Water UFO, Claymont, Delaware)

Kelly, a police officer, police recruit Jim Brown and three other witnesses sighted a UFO over Savannah on 6 September 1973, according to the article:

All the witnesses reported that the unknown object landed offshore, near Tybee Island.

Quote from the article:
“ ‘When I first saw it, it had a reddish tint,’ he (Kelly) said, ‘but it changed almost immediately to a bright green.’

They reported the object made a ‘whooshing noise’ as it passed overhead. ‘It was bigger than a breadbox anyway,’ he said, and was bright enough to cast shadows.”

The title of the article is unknown.

Savannah, Georgia” (

Satellite photo of  Savannah, Georgia (
UFO Article (Blog):
Northern Territory UAP file digitised”
by Keith Basterfield, 21 February 2013
(UFOs – scientific research, Campbelltown,
New South Wales, Australia)

Keith Basterfield reports on a Northern Territory, Australia UAP file from the 1970s:

The (newspaper clippings) file (file series F706, control symbol 1973/159 barcode 1843991) comes from the Darwin office of the National Archives of Australia (NAA).

Northern Territory (Australia) towns, settlements and 
road network ( ( image)

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

UFO Article & Video Report:
“UFO Briefing Document: The Best Available Evidence”
by Michael Cline, 7 December 2012
(, Tempe, Arizona)

The video report is presented by J. Antonio Huneeus:

J. Antonio Huneeus, Chilean-American Science Journalist &
UFO Researcher ( image)
UFO News Article/TV News Report:
“Cámaras de UCV Noticias captan imágenes de OVNI”
(“UCV News cameras capture images of UFO”),
20 February 2013
(UCV Noticias, UCV Satelital, Trujillo, Peru)

The UFO was filmed over Trujillo, Peru, UCV Satelital reports:

UCV Satelital (satellite TV channel) is run by Cesar Vallejo University, TrujilloTrujillo ProvincePeru.

Satellite photo of TrujilloPeru
( photo)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

UFO News Articles:
“in the news 1952” 
(Saturday Night Uforia)

Part 28 (14 August through 16 August 1952):

( image)
UFO News Article:
“Airmen Report Flying Saucers
In Sky Near Russian Islands
21 January 1953 (The Modesto Bee, California)

U.S. Air Force fighter pilots and ground personnel sighted UFOs over Northern Hokkaido, Japan on 29 December 1952, according to the article:

The UFOs were also tracked on radar.

Quote from the article:
“Mysterious flying objects – ‘rotating clusters of red, white and green lights’ – have been reported over northern Japan by American airmen flying patrol close to Russia’s Kurile (or Kuril) Islands and Sakhalin.

Air force intelligence reports said today: ‘There are too many indications of the presence of something … to be considered an observation of nothing.’

Intelligence officers discounted the possibility the sighted objects were mere ‘reflections of light.’ ”

And on 9 January 1953, two U.S. Air Force fighter pilots sighted a rotating UFO cluster. These UFOs were also tracked on radar.

Map of the Sea of Okhotsk (
( image)

Monday, 18 February 2013

UFO News Article/TV News Report:
“Possible UFO Sighting In Southern Oregon”,
17 February 2013 (KOBI NBC 5 News, Medford, Oregon)

Gregory Soldner and Heather Scherffius sighted (and filmed) 
an unknown object over Grants Pass, Oregon on the night of 
15 February 2013, NBC 5 News reports:

The object moved in an up and down motion before zigzagging across the sky, according to Soldner.

Grants Pass, Oregon” (

Satellite photo of Grants Pass, Oregon (
( image)
UFO Web TV Interview (Newspaper):
Gary Heseltine: UFOs and the Police,
4 November 2011 (Ekstra Bladet, Copenhagen, Denmark)

Gary Heseltine runs the PRUFOS Police Database:

Gary Heseltine,
UK Detective Constable &
UFO Researcher
( image)

Sunday, 17 February 2013

UFO Article (Blog):
“A case of radiation? Kempsey – 1985”
by Keith Basterfield, 15 February 2013
(UFOs – scientific research, Campbelltown,
New South Wales, Australia)

Keith Basterfield reports on the second RAAF UAP file that was recently released by the National Archives of Australia (NAA) (File series A9755, control symbol 14, titled [RAAF Headquarters No 82 Bomber Wing, Amberley, Queensland] [Unusual Aerial Sightings] [UAS] [UFO - Unidentified Flying Objects]):

Wikipedia article: “No. 82 Wing RAAF”:

No. 82 Bomber Wing’s crest
( image)
UFO Article (Blog):
“RAAF Mirage jet intercepts UAP – 1986”
by Keith Basterfield, 15 February 2013
(UFOs – scientific research, Campbelltown,
New South Wales, Australia)

Keith Basterfield writes about a newly released RAAF UAP file (File series A9755, control symbol 6, titled “Headquarters RAAF Base Williamtown [Unusual Aerial Sightings] [UAS] UFO – Unidentified Flying Objects”):

The file’s date range is 11 January 1984 to 11 December 1986.

Wikipedia article: “RAAF Base Williamtown”:

The official badge of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) 
( image)