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Number Four, Summer 1978
(Project Stigma, Paris, Texas)

Source: Archives For the Unexplained (, Norrköping, Sweden

Project Stigma was run by the late animal mutilation researcher Thomas (Tom) R. Adams.

Quote from the newsletter issue:


Skagit Co., Washington: It appears that, proportionally, the number of horse mutilations are increasing. In the last week of December, a classic horse mutilation occurred in Salt Lake City, Utah. In early January a prized thoroughbred was killed, but not mutilated, in Carroll Co., Arkansas. Leading up to that event, a notable wave of UFO sightings occurred in Carroll County. Benton County, Arkansas adjoins Carroll Co. on the west (see April, May). The Carroll Co. horse was apparently killed by a single blow to the snout. A veterinary pathologist was impressed by the fact that the killer had to know just how and where to strike the blow once, in order to quickly kill the animal. The Salt Lake City horse, which was mutilated, suffered a similar blow to the skull. Details on the Skagit Co. horse death remain sketchy. An investigator in an adjacent county bas not had much success in getting information from Skagit County authorities.

March and April

Goochland Co., Virginia: Investigators have wondered about the relatively small number of mutilations which have been reported from the southeastern United States, which certainly contain their share of livestock. In 1978, it seems that more reports are beginning to emanate from the South. At least 9 cattle, and perhaps as many as 17, were found ‘dead and mutilated in a bizarre fashion’ on the Virginia State Farm (a state correctional center) near Crozier in a 3-week period in March and April. No incidents occurred outside the State Farm. In fact, the mutilations were discovered in two separate, non-adjoining pastures owned by the State Farm. Autopsies were conducted on some of the animals, but no cause of death could be discerned. Ears and udders, primarily, were the parts excised from the carcasses which, according to Goochland County Sheriff's Captain Mavin Clements, decomposed very rapidly. Reports of UFO sightings and landings occurred from the area around the State Farm during the 3-week period. Several Farm guards reported seeing bright, noiseless, meandering nocturnal lights, some of which appeared to land behind nearby hills. Project Stigma interviewed a witness who lives less than a half-mile from the State Farm. On a late Sunday night or early Monday he observed a white light which descended below a low knoll between his residence and the Farm. The percipient was struck by the clarity and brilliance of the light and the lack of any sound. This occurred ‘during the time’ that the mutilations were being discovered, although it is not known whether any mutilations occurred on that specific night.


Two classic, definitive cattle mutilations occurred on the weekend of April 22-23, 1978 - in Natrona County, Wyoming and Rio Arriba County, New Mexico. We can report on these incidents in more detail than most, as they were subject to more scrutiny and examination than is usual.

Natrona County, Wyoming

Rancher Vern Robinett’s 400-lb. yearling heifer had been seen alive and well on Friday, April 21, 1978. A neighbor later reported having seen the animal down sometime on Saturday, the 22nd, but Robinett did not discover the animal until Tuesday, the 25th.

During weeks preceding the mutilation, UFO sightings were numerous north and south of Casper. A deputy reported witnessed UFOs and was able to record their sound on a cassette recorder.

Rio Arriba County, New Mexico

In June of 1976 at least 3 cattle mutilations were reported in northern Rio Arriba County. An interesting and well-documented case occurred in a pasture approx. 12 miles from the town of Dulce. At  that site were numerous circular ‘tracks’ or impressions in the ground, primarily in straight lines, plus a set of three different indentations in a tripod arrangement. For a summary of the event, the reader is directed to the November/December 1977 issue of Beyond Reality Magazine (P.O. Box 428; Nanuet, NY 10954) and the article, ‘Cattle Mutilation: Witchcraft Rituals or Space Invasion’ by Howard and Lovola Burgess. Dulce area residents had reported UFOs, including a sighting on the night of the mutilation. One investigator, while revisiting the site, observed a large black object which glided away just above the ground. Unusual images which were not visible to the naked eye later turned up on photos taken in the area of the mute site. And, excessive radiation was detected within the round (4-inch diameter) indentations.

Manuel Gomez, owner of the cow victimized in June of 1976, has become a ‘favorite’ of the mutilators, with at least 4 o! his cattle falling victim to the siege. Gomez ranches as well as operates a store on the outskirts of Dulce, near his house. The mutilation which occurred late on April 23rd or early on the 24th took place, not at the pasture 12 miles SE of Dulce as in 1976, but in a field less than a mile from the Gomez residence in Dulce. The 11-month-old bull vas seen alive Sunday evening and discovered by Gomez early Monday morning, the 24th. At about 11:00 PM, Sunday night, a Department of Game and Fish officer observed a large orange light on a ridge behind the Gomez property; also, a neighbor reported hearing an apparent helicopter flying low in the area the same night.

The 4-inch tracks were back. The carcass lay in a lane in the middle of the pasture, and down the lane for a considerable distance were the imprints. They "went back and forth a couple of times,’ then stopped about 100 feet from the carcass. Five other bulls and a flock of sheep were in the pasture and unharmed.

Approximately 4 days before the April discovery of the Gomez cow, a helicopter landed near the Gomez store and home. The occupants said they had run out of gas while aiding the State Police in searching for two lost boys. They bought gas from the pump at the Gomez store, paying with a credit card that indicated they were associated with a helicopter rental service in southwestern Colorado. The problem was: the State Police claimed that the chopper was not aiding them in any way.


At presstime, it would seem that no further known mutilation activity has occurred in the Casper, Wyoming area. The same cannot be said for New Mexico. About a week after the Dulce mutilation of April 23rd or 24th, and about 10 miles from town, a cow belonging to an official of the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation was found mutilated. It appeared that a belt or harness had been placecl around the animal behind the front lege. Several ‘pod marks’ were found several hundred feet away. It has been theorized once again that the animal was picked up in the area of the indentations, mutilated, and then dropped where it was found. It bas been reported that during that approximate period of time unidentified orange airborne lights were seen in the area.

On May 14, 1978, State Police announced that they were investigating the apparent mutilation of two cows and a calf on the ranch of Julius Ferran near Coyote, New Mexico, in southern Rio Arriba County. There was a report that rains washed away any tracks or ground markings. However, one investigator claims to have photographed peculiar round ‘footprints’ at the site.

Back to the Dulce area – two more mutilations (the ‘usual’ parts taken) were reported there in late May. A front leg was broken on each, no strap or harness marks were visible, and if there were ‘pod marks,’ they had been obliterated by numerous other cattle tracks.

On June 14, 1978, Project Stigma investigators Gary Massey and Tom Adams, while on vacation in southern Colorado, were advised of another mutilation in the Dulce area. Accompanied by Colorado investigators David Perkins and Cari Seawell, we arrived in Dulce to examine the site on Thursday, June 15th. It bas been estimated that the mutilation occurred late Monday, the 12th or early Tuesday morning – which would have been two years to the date since the June 1976 mutilation. Plus, this
latest event transpired in the same pasture, the animal having been found less than 300 yards from where the 1976 cow finally fell. And yes, the owner of the animal was, once again, Manuel Gomez.

There were indentations in the hide of the animal’s legs which suggested the presence of a clamp or similar device. Flies were present on the carcass but it was obvious that other predators must have had better things to do.


A pilot who grew up in the area around Nara Visa, in northeastern New Mexico. Told Project Stigma of the time in 1975 when he and three friends took infrared cameras in the personal airplane to the Nara Visa vicinity. As livestock mutilations plagued the region, residents had been steadily reporting either unmarked and unidentified helicopters and/or strange meandering nocturnal lights. One night, while the UFOs were being seen in abundance, the foursome took to the air. Their efforts were coordinated with ground observers who could see both the airplane and the UFOs. Those on the ground tried to direct the plane to the area of the strange lights, but the four in the airplane could not see the UFOs at all. They flew around the area for two hours as the frustrated ground observers told them where the lights appeared to be – but the four hapless occupants of the airplane were never able to see the objects/lights.”

Satellite photo of Casper, Wyoming (
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