Friday, 5 April 2013

UFO Article (Blog):
U.S.  President Lyndon Johnsons secret UAP study”
by Keith Basterfield, 11 January 2013
(UFOs – scientific research, Campbelltown,
New South Wales, Australia)

Keith Basterfield found a number of references relating 
to President Lyndon B. Johnson’s UFO interest in the book, 
“UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry”:

Lyndon Baines Johnson,
36th President of the United States
( photo)

UFO News Article:
“Chinese Study UFO Sightings”, 
13 November 1980 (Youngstown Vindicator, Ohio)

“The agency said Wednesday more than 100 UFO sightings have been reported in south-central and east China. Some reports describe the objects as long, others as saucer like or as balls of brilliant light, Xinhua (news agency) said,” the article reads:

Map of China (
( image)
UFO Studies:
“UFO Sighting Wave Studies”

The web page contains a link to NICAP’s UFO sighting wave directory:

( image)