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UFO News Article:
“Is it or isn’t it?”

10 December 1973
(Sedalia Democrat, Missouri)


The whole article:
“While not ranking with some of the more spectacular UFO sightings in recent months, a bright object in the sky southwest of Sedalia Sunday evening [9 December 1973] prompted at least two calls to the police station. The above photos were taken from a high point on Green Ridge Road about 7:30 p.m. Sunday. The photos show the object (lower right in photos) as very bright in the left photo and dim in the right. This is apparently explained by the line of clouds in the lower portion of the photos passing in front of the object. The photographer viewed the object for more than an hour and it maintained its position in relation to the star at upper left and eventually disappeared over the horizon due, presumably, to the [Earth’s] natural rotation.”
(Democrat-Capital Photos by Dave Hamby)”

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(Image: Sedalia Democrat/

Sedalia, Missouri (the arrow shows the location of Green Ridge Road(Photo: Google)

Satellite photo of Sedalia, Missouri (

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