Friday, 30 January 2009

The Iran 1976 UFO Incident, 18/19 September 1976
& Proof of White House (U.S. Government) Involvement

This is one UFO case (of many) that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the highest echelons of the U.S. government investigate and follow the UFO phenomenon very intensely.

The U.S. government document (seen below) pertaining to this case, which was acquired through the U.S. FOIA act, and is shown 7:54 minutes into the video below, is proof of their involvement in the UFO phenomenon issue. The History Channel video includes clips from an Iranian movie about the case:

This Imperial Iranian Air Force F-4E Phantom II fighter jets versus UFOs dogfight, which occurred over Tehran, Iran, is a very interesting case, because U.S. UFO researchers have managed to unearth a lot of bona fide UFO evidence from both the Iranian and U.S. governments.

Iranian Air Force General Parviz Jafari, Ret. was the pilot of the second fighter jet sent up, and his jet's weapons system was also apparently jammed by the large UFO.

National Press Club UFO Meeting, Washington, D.C. statement by General Jafari, 12 November 2007:

U.S. government documents pertaining to this UFO case (below):

U.S. Department of Defense (document shown in both videos):

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA):

General Parviz Jafari,
Iranian Air Force (Ret.)