Friday, 27 February 2009

Proof of U.S. Air Force UFO Investigation, November 1971

Whenever (after December 1969) anyone has asked the U.S.
Air Force if it investigates UFO cases, the person has been
told that the U.S. Air Force stopped investigating UFO cases
after 17 December 1969 as a result of the Condon Report. This
UFO study determined that UFOs offer no credible threat to
U.S. national security and there is no evidence that UFOs
originate from another planet in another solar system.

So, what do we find two years later, in November 1971?

We find that the U.S. Air Force investigates a UFO case!

In the March 1972 edition of Skylook, which was the Midwest UFO Network’s monthly magazine, we learn that the Air Force investigated the Paul Doss UFO sighting/photographs case.

Paul Doss was a MUFON State-Section Director (Indiana). On 9 May 1971 he had visited the Vermillion River Observatory, south of Union Corner, Illinois. While he was there he saw and photographed a huge, cone-shaped UFO that flew right over him.

On 24 November 1971 Paul Doss was interviewed by U.S. Air Force officials at the Chanute Field in Rantoul, Illinois. The UFO photographs were also delivered to the U.S. Air Force officials.

The end of the article says:
“And, as Mr. Andrus (Walter H. Andrus, Jr. was MUFON’s Director) pointed out, in a letter accompanying this report, very significant is the fact that our Government IS still interested in UFOs – and is quietly investigating – despite the Condon Report which apparently was intended to laugh off the whole subject of “flying saucers” and to convince the public of the Government’s total lack of interest and cessation of all investigation.”

The Skylook, March 1972 article on page 6, “Black, Cone-shaped Object is Photographed over Illinois Observatory”:

Here is more evidence of U.S. Air Force UFO interest:
CNN – Larry King Live: UFOs Are They for Real?: Comments by James Fox and U.S. Air Force Colonel Charles I. Halt (at 5:30 minutes into the video) regarding the 1980 Bentwaters, UK, UFO case in relation to the U.S. Air Force and UFO investigations post 1969 (Source: Exopolitik (YouTube channel)):

I guess the U.S. Air Force (U.S. military) is still investigating UFO cases!

And I can guarantee that U.S. Air Force officers have seen this TV (BBC World News) UFO footage video:

(Source: tico1977 (YouTube channel))

(Source: hawkeyepeace (YouTube channel))

Official United States Department of Defense document:
“Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)”:

( image)