Tuesday, 29 January 2013

UFO News Article: 
“UFOs sighted across border”, 
12 November 1973 (Bangor Daily News, Maine)

The article reports on two late 1973 New Brunswick, Canada UFO incidents:

Dozens of people sighted a UFO over Sackville.

A few days before the Sackville incident, two people watched a UFO over the Moncton area. And a man who was driving from Amherst to Moncton said he sighted a bright, silent UFO.

Moncton is situated 38 kilometres (24 miles) north-west of Sackville.

Satellite photo of Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada
(tageo.com photo)
UFO Website:
“Belgisch UFO-meldpunt”

The Belgian UFO reporting centre is located in Meulebeke, Belgium:

English translation:

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UFO News Article:
“326 UFO-waarnemingen gemeld in 2012”,
(“326 UFO sightings reported in 2012”),
3 January 2013 (De Morgen, Brussels, Belgium)

“Belgisch UFO-meldpunt,” the Belgian UFO reporting centre, received 326 UFO reports in 2012, according to the article:

English translation:

Map of Belgium (vidiani.com)
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TV Programme Announcement:
28 January 2013 (Voyager, Rai, Rome, Italy)

Rai, the Italian state broadcaster, informs its viewers that Voyager (TV news magazine) will report on the UFO testimonies of dozens of military pilots on the fourth episode:

English translation:

Roberto Giacobbo,
Italian Journalist, Author &
TV Host, Voyager, Rai 2
(wikimedia.org photo)