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The Phenomenon of Right Angle Turning UFOs

Many of the reports that NICAP presents contain witness descriptions of right angle turning UFOs:

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The Right Angle Turning UFO

One of the two unknown objects which appear on the screen at 2:11 minutes into the video, performs a right angle turn:

Footage of the right angle turning UFO (2 UFOs appear on the screen):

It is not known when the footage was recorded.

Video source: Martyn Stubbs.

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TV UFO Footage:
Small UFO Sphere In the Documentary Film,
“The 10 Best Fighter Jets” (Discovery Channel)
(Slow Motion Footage and Zoom Footage)

The  UFO sphere flies right above the canopy of a Lockheed 
Martin F-22 Raptor in flight.

Slow motion footage:

In the footage, the small sphere flies along with the fighter jet for a few seconds, then it moves straight up (right angle turn), stops for a fraction of a second and then continues straight up.

The footage seems to have been recorded (unknown date) in the South-Western U.S., judging by the landscape.

I also reported about this footage on 29 September 2008 and 
23 November 2011.

The UFO can be seen above the canopy
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