Monday, 21 May 2012

UFO Paper:
“NCP-05: UFOs Continue to Visit Nuclear Energy Site”
by George D. Fawcett

(Nuclear Connection Project,

U.S. UFO author, lecturer and researcher George D. Fawcett reports on some of the UFO incidents that have occurred over U.S. nuclear energy sites in the period 1952-1984:

( image)
UFO News Article:
“UFOs Seen In Indiana”, 

16 October 1973
(The Press-Courier, Oxnard, California)

The Press-Courier reports on the 1973 U.S. UFO wave:,3672066,3681536 (Page 2)

Quote from the article:
“Town Marshal Ron Stucker at nearby Andrews (Northern Indiana) said he saw one UFO south of Huntington and one south of Andrews. He said they appeared to be lights in the sky.

In south-central Indiana, Morgan County Deputy Sheriff Robert Williams said he saw an unidentified flying object that ‘took off from the ground’ Monday night just northeast of Martinsville.

Knox police reported a light in the sky about 2:15 a.m. The Winamac police also reported seeing a UFO, as did the Pulaski and Jasper County Sheriff’s Office and the Monticello police.”

“Martinsville, Indiana” (

Map of Martinsville, Indiana (
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