Thursday, 26 February 2009

NASA TV UFOs: 2 UFOs Filmed during
Space Shuttle Landing, Unknown Date

This UFO video comes from a presentation by Jaime Maussan (Mexico):

The UFOs can be seen 5 (large UFO) and 8 (UFO sphere) seconds into the video. At the start of the video one can also see the large UFO in the upper, central part of the screen. If one watches this UFO, one can see that it moves slowly to the left.

10 seconds into the video one can also see a self-luminous UFO sphere that hovers close to a Spacewalking NASA astronaut.

I don’t know what STS mission the above landing footage comes from, but it’s possible that it’s from the STS-112 mission
(7 October – 18 October 2002).

I posted a report about the UFO (2 seconds into the video) that was filmed during that mission on 6 December 2008:

And as said many times before – the Kennedy Space Center area has a rather large no-fly zone (except the fighter jet that accompanies the Space Shuttle) during the Space Shuttle landings.