Thursday, 5 November 2015

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(Peru government websites) (Search term: OVNIs)

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(OVNI DIFAA Perú site:pe) (Web)

(OVNI DIFAA Perú) (Web)

(DIFAA Peru) (Web)

(UFO DIFAA Peru) (Web)

(UFO DIFAA Peru site:com) (Web)

(UFO DIFAA Peru site:org) (Web)

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(UFO DIFAA Peru site:info) (Web)

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(OVNI site:pe) (Web)

(OVNIs En Perú) (Blogs)

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(OVNI Noticias Perú site:pe) (Videos)

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(UFOs In Peru) (Blogs)

(UFOs In Peru) (Videos)

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(Peru Animal Mutilation

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UFO News Article:
“Ministry of Defence covering up infamous UFO sightings which made 14 children draw similar pictures, claims Tory peer”

24 September 2015 (Daily Mirror, London, UK)

Tory peer Lord Black of Brentwood asks UK defence chiefs to reveal what happened in the skies over Broad Haven (UK) in 1977, the Daily Mirror reports:

Satellite photo of Broad Haven, UK (
( photo)