Sunday, 16 August 2015

TV UFO Footage:
UFO Filmed During the
2014 Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix

The footage was recorded in Spielberg, Austria on 23 June 2014:

The unknown object seems to hover in the sky.

Video source: Vicente Fuentes (YouTube channel).

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UFO News Articles:

By Sam Uptegrove 
(Christian County Headliner News, OzarkMissouri)

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UFO Website (Blog):
“Clas Svahn bloggar om märkligheter”
(“Clas Svahn blogs about peculiarities”)

(Dagens Nyheter (newspaper), Stockholm, Sweden)

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Clas Svahn is a Dagens Nyheter journalist, Chairman of UFO-Sverige (Sweden) ( and Vice Chairman of Archives for UFO Research (AFU) (

Clas Svahn