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UFO News Article:
“The Witnesses”

12 November 2019
(Popular Mechanics, New York City, New York)

The article reports on the November 2004 USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group 11 UFO incidents.

Popular Mechanics chats with Kevin Day, Patrick J. Hughes, Jason Turner, Gary Voorhis and Ryan Weigelt.

The November 2004 USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group 11 UFO incidents occurred about a hundred miles south west of San Diego, California. The main UFO incident occurred on 14 November 2004 (Fravor and Slaight).

To my knowledge, ten U.S. Navy personnel, Sean Cahill, Kevin M. Day, David Fravor, Patrick J. Hughes, Omar Lara, Jim Slaight, Jason Turner, Chad Underwood, Gary Voorhis and Ryan Weigelt, have talked (or written) about the UFO incidents on the Internet.

Sean Cahill was the Chief Master-at-Arms aboard the USS Princeton.

Kevin M. Day was a Senior Chief Petty Officer (radar operator) aboard the USS Princeton.

David Fravor, who chased the UFO (resembled a white Tic Tac), was flying his F/A-18F Super Hornet jet fighter.

At the time of the UFO incident, Fravor was the commanding officer of the VFA-41 Black Aces, a U.S. Navy strike fighter squadron.

P. J. Hughes was an aviation technician aboard the USS Nimitz.

Omar Lara was a Flight Decker in Air Ops aboard the USS Nimitz.

Lieutenant Commander (later Commander) Jim Slaight was the pilot of the second F/A-18F Super Hornet jet fighter (the David Fravor incident).

Jason Turner was a Petty Officer Third Class (in Supply) aboard the USS Princeton.

F/A-18F Super Hornet fighter pilot Lieutenant Chad Underwood filmed (on 14 November 2004) the Tic Tac (FLIR1) UFO using a Raytheon AN/ASQ-228 Advanced Targeting Forward-Looking Infrared (ATFLIR) pod. The UFO was filmed a while after David Fravor’s incident.

Gary Voorhis was a Fire Controlman Petty Officer Third Class aboard the USS Princeton.

AD1(AW) Ryan Weigelt, Aviation Machinist’s Mate Petty Officer 1st Class, was present on the USS Princeton during the November 2004 UFO encounters.

A large number of UFOs were recorded on radar on and off for several days during the November 2004 U.S. Navy exercise, according to USS Princeton radar operator Kevin M. Day.

Gary Voorhis experienced that the unknown objects “zoomed around at ridiculous speeds and angles and trajectories,” and that “it (the UFOs) was moving faster than our radar could register.”

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Freeze-frame of the Tic Tac (FLIR1) UFO (filmed from a
U.S. Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet jet fighter (piloted by
Lieutenant Chad Underwood) on 14 November 2004)
(U.S. Department of Defense/ image)

USS Nimitz ahead of USS Princeton (text by Wikipedia)
( ( image)

F/A-18F Super Hornet (
( photo)

Fighters were approximately 100 miles from the coast of
San Diego when they were directed to intercept the UFO
(text by Wikipedia) ( image)

UFO News Article:
“The UFO sighting investigated by the police”

9 November 2019
(BBC News, London, UK)

The Robert Taylor UFO incident occurred in the Dechmont Woods in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland, UK, on 9 November 1979, between approximately 10:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

Wikipedia article: “Robert Taylor incident”:

Quote from the Wikipedia article:
“In ufology, the Robert Taylor Incident, a.k.a. Livingston Incident or Dechmont Woods Encounter is the name given to claims of sighting an extraterrestrial spacecraft on Dechmont Law in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland in 1979 by forester Robert ‘Bob’ Taylor (1919-2007).

When Taylor returned home from a trip to Dechmont Law dishevelled, his clothes torn and with grazes to his chin and thighs, he claimed he had encountered a ‘flying dome’ which tried to pull him aboard. Due to his injuries, the police recorded the matter as a common assault and the incident is popularly promoted as the ‘only example of an alien sighting becoming the subject of a criminal investigation’.[1][2]

Taylor’s story

According to Taylor, a forestry worker for the Livingston Development Corporation, on 9 November 1979, he parked his pickup truck at the side of a road near the M8 motorway and walked along a forest path up the side of Dechmont Law with his dog.

Taylor reported seeing what he described as a ‘flying dome’ or a large, circular sphere approximately 7 yards (6.4 metres) in diameter, hovering above the forest floor in a clearing about 530 yards (480 metres) away from his truck. Taylor described the object as ‘a dark metallic material with a rough texture like sandpaper’ featuring an outer rim ‘set with small propellers’.

Taylor claims he experienced a foul odour ‘like burning brakes’ and that smaller spheres ‘similar to sea mines’ had seized him and were dragging him in the direction of the larger object when he lost consciousness. According to Taylor, he later awoke and the objects were gone, but he could not start his truck, so he walked back to his home in Livingston.[1][2][3]”

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Robert Taylor
(Discovery Channel/ image)

UFO Catalogue:
FILES LISTING As at 23 May 2016”

Compiled by Keith Basterfield
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