Sunday, 11 October 2009

UFOs & The U.S. Military Prime Directive (

This UFO TV video shows excerpts from the ‘UFOs: The Best Evidence’ documentary film:

UFO TV comment:
“This film examines how governments, especially our own (U.S.), have been hiding the truth about secret UFO studies and still maintain secrecy at any cost.”

The Pentagon,
Arlington, Virginia
UFO Photograph:
Disk Shaped UFO Chases German Air Force
Phantom Jet Fighter Over Weiler (Keltern), Germany,
19 September 1979, Daytime
(The Daily Telegraph, London, UK)

The photograph was shot by teacher Dr. Karl Maier, of Weiler, with a Polaroid camera:

The town of Weiler is situated in south western Germany, south of Karlsruhe.

UFO photographed over Weiler, Germany
( photo)