Thursday, 7 August 2008

NASA TV Space Shuttle UFO Footage Alleged Never Before Shown In the West, Unknown Date

Video comment (by YouTube video source): “It starts with showing the Space Shuttle Endeavour's shot of Tokyo, you can clearly see the lights of Tokyo, then as the Endeavour passes over the Japanese Sea the narrator points out some lights...which if he is not mistaken are over the "dark" sea....yeah, there should not be any lights/reflections over the sea. And of course this could not be explained by NASA or mission control.

Then it moves to a shot of the International space station and the right solar panel. Suddenly there is a moving light dot…then the same moving dot is recorded (he claims that the International Space station has a 24 hour camera recording at all times) and then again over the city of Chicago....suddenly NASA cuts the live recording and does not explain the moving dot. He also mentions why mission control didn't focus the camera or zoom in on the moving dot as it passes over Chicago, they cut the broadcast, and he says that NASA never responds to the moving dot/UFO-thing recorded.”

My comment: If it’s true, why hasn’t NASA released this footage in the West? I think the question is highly appropriate! The big light cluster seen after 14 seconds cannot be birds or airplanes, as the Space Shuttle is unable to film either from Space. The video comes from an unknown Japanese TV channel broadcast.

There are three UFO incidents in this video. 1) The light cluster after 14 seconds. 2) The UFO near the solar panel after 47 seconds. 3) The UFO over Chicago after 57 seconds:

Space Shuttle Endeavour on launch pad 39A prior to mission 
STS-127, 31 May 2009 ( ( photo)