Monday, 15 February 2016

UFO Research Paper:
“A Study of the Lockheed Sightings”

By Martin Shough, July 2014
(PROJECT 1947, Canterbury, Connecticut)

Several technical experts observed a UFO over the Santa Barbara Channel area (Los Angeles, California) during a Lockheed WV-2 flight test on 16 December 1953:

Quote from the Wikipedia article, ‘List of reported UFO sightings’ (
“Legendary Lockheed aircraft engineer Clarence ‘Kelly’ Johnson, 
designer of the F-104, U-2, and SR-71, and his wife observed a 
huge Flying Wing over the Pacific from the ground in Agoura. 
Meanwhile, one of Johnsons flight test crews aboard an WV-2 
(see EC-121) spotted the craft from Long Beach, California. 
USAF (Project Blue Book) concluded these trained observers had 
seen a lenticular cloud, even though Johnson considered and 
ruled out that explanation.”

Satellite photo of Los Angeles, California (
( photo)