Thursday, 8 October 2009

Unknown Object Filmed through Window
during the Apollo 12 Mission

An unknown, disk or cylindrical shaped object was filmed through the window of the Apollo 12 Spacecraft during this mission.

The video comes from Martyn Stubbs' NASA TV UFO archives:

The NASA Apollo 12 mission:

Launch date: 14 November 1969 -
Landing date: 19 November 1969.

UFO Cluster Filmed During the STS-75 Mission

This footage was filmed several hours after the STS-75 tether incident occurred:

In the video, one can see several unknown objects of different sizes.

The video comes from Martyn Stubbs’ NASA TV UFO archives.

The NASA STS-75 Columbia mission:

Launch date: 22 February 1996 -
Landing date: 9 March 1996.