Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Australian Government UFO Records:
“Unidentified flying objects (UFOs)”
(National Archives of Australia, Canberra,

Australian Capital Territory)

The National Archives of Australia holds a number of records relating to unidentified flying objects (UFOs), flying saucers and other unidentified aerial sightings, according to the website:


“Search the website: UFO”:


The Australian Government UFO documents can be found by doing the following three searches: “Search the collection”: UFO/flying saucers/unidentified aerial sightings.

National Archives of Australia, Canberra,
Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
(wikimedia.org) (wikimedia.org photo)
UFO Article:
“National Archives of Australia releases UFO files”,
7 August 2012 (OpenMinds.tv, Tempe, Arizona)

OpenMinds.tv reports on the Australian Government UFO files that were recently released by the National Archives of Australia:


(naa.gov.au image)