Tuesday, 21 December 2010

UFO TV News Report:
“Discos voadores estariam sobrevoando regiao Norte”
(“UFOs were flying over the northern region”)
(Unknown Date)

(Gente na TV, TV Jangadeiro, Fortaleza, Brazil)

TV Jangadeiro reports on the June and August 2010 UFO sightings over Sobral, Ceara, Brazil:


Aerial view of Sobral, Ceara, Brazil
(macariobatista.blogspot.com photo)
UFO TV News Report:
UFOs over Sobral (Unknown Date)
(TV Diario, Fortaleza, Brazil)

Residents of the city of Sobral, Ceara, Brazil experienced UFO sightings in June and August 2010, according to this TV report:



TV Diario reporter Junior Diniz interviews researchers from CSPU Sobral.