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UFO Journal Issue: 
“U.F.O. Investigator”, 
Vol. 1, No. 9, March 1960
(National Investigations Committee
on Aerial Phenomena, Washington, D.C.)


This issue contains the following four articles: “Federal Aviation Agency Report Exposes AF Cover-Up”, “AF General Warns UFO’s Serious, Will Increase”, “Revised AF Regulation Proves Censorship” and “FBI EXAMINES UFO PHOTOGRAPH”:

CUFOS acquired the files and other material of NICAP in the early 1980s, the UFO group informs.

The late Major Donald Edward Keyhoe, U.S. Marine Corps,
NICAP Director, UFO Author & Researcher
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U.S. Government UFO Document (FOIA): 
(Central Intelligence Agency, Washington, D.C.)

The document informs about the possible interest by the CIA’s Office of Research and Development (ORD) in a UFO case:

Quote from the document:
“… felt that there may be some ongoing ORD interest, depending on the evaluation by that office of the material provided.

… asked that the ORD interest be kept at a low profile until some evalution could be made, but at the same time indicated that he would be in touch with me on a fairly regular basis.”

Wikipedia article: “Central Intelligence Agency Directorate of Science & Technology”:

Quote from the Wikipedia article:


On December 31, 1948, the CIA formed the Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI), by merging the Scientific Branch in the Office of Reports and Estimates with the Nuclear Energy Group of the Office of Special Operations.[2]


In 1962, the CIA formed the Deputy Directorate of Research (DDR), headed by Herbert Scoville. Under it was the newly formed Office of Special Activities, along with the Office of ELINT and the Office of Research and Development, which were quickly integrated into the DDR.[3][2] However, the OSI remained part of the Directorate of Operations.”

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UFO News Article: 
“TV show to probe famous Livingston UFO encounter”,
10 November 2012 (The Scotsman, Edinburgh, UK)

“UFOs: The Untold Story”, the upcoming National Geographic Channel documentary, will present the UFO story of Robert Taylor, according to The Scotsman:

The Robert Taylor UFO incident occurred in the Dechmont Woods in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland, UK, on 9 November 1979, between approximately 10:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

Robert Taylor

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