Monday, 4 August 2008

UFOs Filmed by South Korean TV Camera Man, 1995, Daytime

Video comment (by the video source): The film was taken by a local cable TV camera man in 1995 and it was broadcast on a special TV show the next month in South Korea.

My comment: This is, in my opinion, an excellent UFO video. Furthermore, this is not a UFO video hoax, as it was made by a South Korean TV camera man, while another TV camera man films the UFO filmographer. I don’t know when (date) the UFO film was recorded. And, I haven't managed to find the number 2 video on the Web.

The UFO video shows what looks like a merger or an ejection between the UFOs, involving what seemingly looks like three UFOs. One of the UFOs is much larger than the other two! Films of UFOs merging or ejecting smaller UFOs are few and far between, something which means that this film is very interesting.

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