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UFO News Article:
“UFO Expert Makes Several Appearances”,
23 August 1974 (The Mount Airy News, North Carolina)

This is an article about the busy schedule of UFO researcher George D. Fawcett and the latest U.S. UFO sightings:

Quote from the article:
“Current UFO reports remain at their high activity level with reports on August 1 in Albemarle, N.C., on August 2 near Brazos River, Texas, on August 12 near Jackson, Mississippi, on August 12 at Sanborton, N.H. and on August 14 near Laconia, N.H. Witnesses included housewives, newspaper editors, Air Force officers, Police officers and State Troopers, and farmers, according to Fawcett.

Albemarle, North Carolina” (

Map of Albemarle, North Carolina (
( image) 
UFO News Article:
“Fawcett Continues UFO Investigations”,
19 May 1977 (The Mount Airy News, North Carolina)

The Mount Airy News reports on the UFO research work of George D. Fawcett:

George D. Fawcett,
U.S. UFO Author,
Lecturer & Researcher

UFO Book (Preview):
UFO REPETITIONS” by George D. Fawcett
(NOUFORS, Sudbury, Canada)

The book was first published (self-published) in 1986. 
In 2005, Fawcett published a revised and enlarged edition:

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