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UFO News Article:
“Close encounters in Virginia skies”, 
5 July 1997
(The Free Lance-Star, Fredericksburg, Virginia)

For several weeks in October 1973, UFOs were sighted almost daily over the Petersburg, Virginia area, according to the article:,903487

Sussex County Sherriff’s Chief Deputy Mo Williams, who was a 26-year-old Petersburg Police Officer in 1973, says in the article that he chased a saucer shaped UFO down U.S. Route 460.

Quote from the article:
“The 20th NORAD Division, which had the capability to detect unscheduled flying objects in 1973, reported that no UFOs had been spotted on its radar system.”

The below article reveals how an aircraft can be made stealthy.

F-22 article: “Get Stealthy”:

Satellite photo of Petersburg, Virginia (
( photo)
UFO News Article:
“French Get a Look at Nation's UFO Files”,
23 March 2007 (The Washington Post, Washington, D.C.)

The Washington Post reported on the release of the French Government UFO files:

GEIPAN (Groupe d’Etudes et d’Informations sur les Phenomenes Aerospatiaux Non identifies), a UAP (UFO) research and information group within France's National Center for Space Studies (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales), released more than 100,000 pages of UFO witness testimonies, photographs, film footage and audiotapes from its secret UFO archives on 22 March 2007.

UFO Book Excerpt:
“The UFO Invasion of October 1973” 
by John Lasker
(UFO Casebook, Belton, Texas)

This excerpt comes from the book, “TECHNOIR: 13 Investigations from the Darkside of Technology, the US Military and UFOs” by U.S. independent journalist John Lasker:

The chapter gives a very good overview of how serious this apparent UFO ‘invasion’ was taken by politicians, military officers and police officers in the U.S.

(UFO image)
The French Government’s UFO Group within CNES

GEIPAN (Groupe d'Études et d'Informations sur les Phénomènes
Aérospatiaux Non identifiés) is a UAP (UFO) research and information group within the French space agency, CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales) (headquartered in Paris).

GEIPAN website:

GEIPAN website (English translation):

“A history of UAP research at CNES – From Gepan to Geipan”:

GEIPAN address:

Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales
18 av, Edouard Belin,
31401 TOULOUSE Cedex 9

GEIPAN phone number:

+33 (0)5 61 27 48 01

GEIPAN e-mail address:

CNES facilities:

( image)