Thursday, 31 July 2008

Ukraine Air Show UFOs: Cylindrical-shaped UFOs Filmed Near Jet Fighter before Crash, 27 July 2002, Daytime

This Air Show crash happened in Lviv, Ukraine. Again, as seen in the previous video posted on this blogspot, one sees two UFOs which flies close to a jet fighter, which then crashes. This time the aircraft is a Russian made Sukhoi SU-27 jet fighter.

What does all this mean?!

Here is a comment by the Euronews reporter: “Video evidence shows several unidentified objects near the wings, just before the impact.” EuroNews has even marked the UFOs with yellow circles. So - here we finally have one member of big media confirming that there exists, indeed, unknown objects, which fly in the Earth's airspace! At least it's a start!

This is a combined CNN and Euronews video:

The video below comes from a Ukranian TV channel, which shows the cylindrical-shaped UFOs even clearer than in the Euronews footage. The two ascending UFOs are seen 1:04 minutes into the video.

And, this story doesn’t stop with these small UFOs. I have videotaped an RTL (German TV channel) report about this case, which shows a much larger cylindrical-shaped UFO fly past the jet fighter, a short time after one sees the smaller UFOs.
Several UFO Spheres Filmed Near Russian MiG-25 before Crash, Early 1990s, Daytime

This crash happened during a Paris, France Air Show. The film shows what seemingly looks like spheres, which flies close to the MiG, before the jet fighter crashes. In particular, watch the sphere which flies around the jet fighter after 9 seconds!

Birds? Hardly! I think birds would have headed away from the MiG as fast as possible. The footage comes from EuroNews.

Is there a war we don’t know about?! NB In my next blog post you'll see that "The War" hasn't ended as of 7 August 2002!
Flying Rod Footage Caught by a UK TV Channel,
Unknown Date, Night-time

This film comes from the UK TV channel, Living tv +1. The footage of the flying, luminous rod was caught during a live broadcast.
UFOs over Kaikoura, New Zealand Filmed by
New Zealand News Crew On Board Freight Airplane,
30/31 December 1978, ca 0:30 a.m. (31 Dec.)

This is a report about the famous Quentin Fogarty (Australian TV reporter) UFO report on board an Argosy freight airplane, flying above Kaikoura, New Zealand. For some time, there had been a spate of UFO sightings reported by numerous individuals in the Kaikoura area. An Australian television film crew from Channel 0-10 was assigned the unusual task of attempting to capture a photographic image of a UFO. The news crew then managed to film a UFO, which followed the airplane. According to Fogarty, several UFOs flew behind the airplane. On the return trip from Christchurch the news crew also managed to film a UFO.

Predictably, UFO debunkers tried to explain away this UFO case by insisting that the footage showed fishing trawler lights. A radar report shot down that theory, when Wellington Air Traffic Control Center controllers radioed the airplane crew and told them they had a radar return from an unknown object, which followed the Argosy airplane.

This UFO footage was broadcasted on TV channels all over the world at the time. Dagsrevyen, Norway’s main news broadcast, also showed this UFO report. I can still remember the sensation this report created in Norway!

The best documentary which covers this case is Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World: U.F.O.s. 

The report starts at 1:52 minutes into the video:

"Top 10 UFO Encounters: The New Zealand Orbs" (Dateline NBC):