Tuesday, 30 September 2008

UFO Filmed over the English Channel,
26 September 2008, Daytime

A cylindrical-shaped UFO was filmed during the flight of the Swiss “Rocket Man”, Yves Rossy over the English Channel.

The video comes from a National Geographic live broadcast. The story (with video) was reported in a Web article by The Sun, UK on 30 September 2008.

Nick Pope, the former head officer of the MoD, UK UFO Project, said in a The Sun interview that he believed that this UFO case was "significant".

The UFO can be seen 30 seconds into the video.


(zimbio.com freeze-frame)

Monday, 29 September 2008

Small UFO Sphere Filmed in "The 10 Best Fighter Jets" (Discovery Channel), Unknown Date, Daytime

I first posted this story on 9 July 2008. Back then this documentary wasn’t placed on any of the Web’s video sites.

The UFO sphere can be seen flying behind and to the right of the F-22A Raptor (previously F/A-22 Raptor) fighter jet’s canopy.

When the UFO ascents, it must have the ability to fly in two directions at the same time. Namely, forwards and upwards! That's a feat in itself. I can't recall having seen (in documentaries) that type of technology being used in any hardware, which is used by a military, government or civilian organisation on planet Earth.

So, who’s checking out the hardware of the U.S. Air Force in this footage? And - what an unbelievable hardware the Raptor is.

Military Channel (Discovery Communications) video
(the UFO footage can be seen at 1:25 minutes into the video):


I wrote the following on 9 July:

When watching the recording of this documentary I discovered a UFO sphere which flew right above the canopy of an F-22A Raptor in flight. In the footage, the small sphere flies along with the fighter jet for a few seconds, then it moves straight up, stops for a fraction of a second and then continues straight up. The footage seems to have been recorded in the South-Western U.S., judging by the landscape.

This footage looks similar to the footage of the UFO, which seemingly checks out a Concorde airplane during a test flight over the UK.

NOTE: The videos below are only placed here to show how the UFO in the Discovery Channel documentary manoeuvred.


A UFO follows a Concorde airplane during a test flight over England, UK:


This footage would seemingly be easy to corroborate, either by others who have the documentary or by purchasing it directly from the Discovery Channel. Again - the best thing about these real TV UFOs is the fact that a hoax can be ruled out with a 100% certainty!

Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22A Raptor
(images.wikia.com photo)

Saturday, 13 September 2008

UFO Filmed by ABC News Crew, Lexington, Kentucky,
2 August 2001, Daytime

On 2 August 2001 WTVQ Newschannel 36 (ABC affiliate in Lexington, Kentucky) filmed a low-flying UFO over 2899 Richmond Road in Lexington. Apart from the news crew, several other witnesses also witnessed the UFO. The footage was presented on WTVQ’s 11 p.m. news broadcast that evening.