Thursday, 27 May 2010

UFO Interview:
Albert M. Chop, November 1999
(Sign Oral History Project)

The interview was conducted by Thomas Tulien and Brad Sparks:

The late Albert M. Chop was a U.S. Air Force and NASA Public Affairs Officer.

Chop was initially very skeptical of UFOs, but he later changed his view on the UFO issue.

Albert M. Chop, MSC Deputy Public Affairs Officer, is shown at
his console in the Mission Control Operations Room at the NASA
Headquarters in Houston, Texas (project photo)
UFO TV News Magazine Report:
Die Belgische UFO Welle
(The Belgian UFO Wave) (Explosiv, RTL, Germany)

RTL reports on the 1989-1990 Belgian UFO wave:

Two Eupen Police Officers chased 2 UFOs (or the same UFO) on 29 November 1989.

The Furman family who also resides in Eupen has allegedly sighted more than 30 UFOs since November 1989.

And the RTL TV crew managed to film one of the UFOs on 7 December 1989. This UFO footage was corroborated by the Belgian Air Force’s Control and Reporting Centre (CRC) in Glons. The CRC radar registered an unknown object in the same area where RTL filmed the UFO. Colonel Billen, Belgian Air Force said the unknown object was neither an aircraft nor a blimp.

A Belgian animal documentary film maker also managed to film a triangular shaped UFO, according to RTL.

Control and Reporting Centre GLONS (Belgian Air Force/NATO) Web page:

Freeze-frame from a video of one of the triangular shaped UFOs which were seen over Belgium during the 1989-1990 UFO wave
(Rai/ image)

Map of Belgium (
( image)
Sightings (TV Series):
“Searching the Skies” (Sci Fi Channel)

Sightings presents UFO home videos:

This Sightings episode was broadcasted in the U.S. on 12 February 1993.

In short, the Carp, Ontario UFO video is a hoax. The ‘UFO’ video was exposed by MUFON Ontario (Canada).

MUFON Ontario article: “The Carp Case”: