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UFO News Article:
“Area policemen sight 3 UFO’s”

29 December 1973
(Culpeper Star-Exponent, Virginia)

Sources: UFO Research Committee - UFO Newsclipping Service, Seattle, Washington and

The whole article (Page 7):
“ ‘I see it but I don’t believe it!’ said the voice on the police radio.

The voice belonged to officer Joseph Scalici of the Manassas Park police department and what he didn’t believe was a light in the southwestern sky that Scalici believes is an unidentified flying object.

But Scalici was not the only one watching strange objects in the sky early Friday (28 December 1973) morning. Fauquier deputy sheriff John Payne and Virginia state trooper William M. Neal were eyeing a light in the western sky near the Warren-Fauquier County line along Rt. 55.

‘I noticed the light about 4:30,’ said Payne. ‘I was riding along near Marshall when l noticed this light moving in the western sky. I followed it to the top of the mountain here until it stopped. I’ve been watching it for almost two hours now.’

Trooper Neal was also on the spot and while Payne was talking Neal was glassing the object through binoculars.

‘See the colors,’ Neal broke in, handing the glasses to Payne.

Payne and Neal concurred that the object was indeed giving off colored light at either end of what appeared to be a glowing circular form. To the left the light was green and to the right it was red. The lights appeared to be blinking.

Meanwhile, back in Manassas Park, Scalici noticed a light in the southwestern sky moving eastward. According to Scalici this object had also initially been sighted in Fauquier County and had moved across into Prince William.

‘I saw one light – and then another. They stopped very high in the sky and then one began to drop. It came down rather quickly and seemed to hover just above treetop level. The other light remained aloft in the same position.

‘The lower light hovered for about 15 minutes, then moved back higher into the sky. Both disappeared momentarily.’

Officer Scalici estimated that the lights were as far as 15 miles away and noticed no color.

The Friday morning reports were the first since a rash of sightings occurred during October all over the East and South.”

Marshall, Virginia, is located 34 kilometres (21 miles) north west of Manassas Park.

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