Friday, 10 February 2012

UFO TV Talk Show:
“Policías persiguen OVNI en Mexicali”
(“Police chase UFO in Mexicali”), 26 January 2012

(La Sobremesa, Cadena Tres, Mexico City, Mexico)

Host Ana Luisa Cid reports on the 23 January 2012 Mexicali, México UFO incident:

UFO Article (Blog):
“Mexico: More on the Mexicali UFO Chase”,
30 January 2012 (

Cadena Tres (La Sobremesa) aired a TV report on the 23 January 2012 Mexicali, México UFO incident, Inexplicata informs:

UFO Website:
“International UFO Congress”

(Tempe, Arizona)

The 2012 International UFO Congress will be held at the Fort McDowell Resort & Casino, Fountain Hills, Arizona on 22-26 February 2012:

Chilean Air Force General (Ret.) Ricardo Bermúdez, Director of Chile's official Committee for the Study of Aerial Anomalous Phenomena (CEFAA), is one of the lecturers.


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