Sunday, 16 August 2009

NASA TV UFOs: UFO Filmed during the STS-126 Mission

Other UFO videos recorded during this Space Shuttle mission have been posted here earlier.

In this footage one can see an unidentified object which crosses the path of Endeavour:

No one mentions the unknown object during the conversation. That must mean that NASA in no way is concerned about the object.

The NASA STS-126 Space Shuttle Endeavour mission:

Launch date: 14 November 2008 -
Landing date: 30 November 2008.

NASA TV UFOs: UFO Appears during
STS-125 (HST-SM4) Hubble Repair, May 2009

Several NASA TV STS-125 (HST-SM4) UFO videos have been presented on this blog earlier.

Here’s another UFO video from this mission:

The NASA STS-125 (HST-SM4) Space Shuttle Atlantis mission:

Launch date: 11 May 2009 -
Landing date: 22 May 2009.