Thursday, 26 September 2013

UFO News Article:
“En el sector de El Junquito – Captan en video
el vuelo de un OVNI sobre Caracas (+Video)”
(“In the area of El Junquito – Video capture
of a UFO flying over Caracas (+ Video)”)

24 September 2013 (Correo del Orinoco, Caracas, Venezuela)

Correo del Orinoco reports on the UFO activity that occurred 
over the north-western part of Caracas (Venezuela) on the night of 6-7 September 2013:

On 7 September 2013, at around 1:00 a.m., Juan Luque and his wife, Grecia Gómez, sighted a circular shaped UFO with red, green and blue lights at the ends over the Isaías Medina Angarita de Catia neighbourhood.

Two hours earlier, another person managed to film the UFO (or a similar UFO) over the neighbourhood of El Junquito.

Caracas, Venezuela (
( photo)

UFO TV Talk Show:

(Unknown date) (Telecanal, Santiago, Chile)

The talk show contains several alleged UFO videos:

Rodrigo Fuenzalida,
Chilean UFO Researcher
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