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Norwegian Local Politician Finds UFO Landing Traces, Kjølsøya, the Namsen Fjord, Norway, 11 June 1972

Ola Kr. Dahl, a local communal politician from Namsos, Norway, discovered several strange traces in the clay ground along the shore of the Namsen Fjord (Namsenfjorden) on 11 June 1972. It was while he visited his cottage on Kjølsøya (island) that he discovered the UFO traces close to land.

The imprints were triangular shaped, and they were pressed 30 to 40 centimeters into the clay ground. That means that the landed object must have been extremely heavy. Some scientists were of the opinion that the landed object must have weighed between 20 and 50 tons. The traces were found during the ebb.

According to Arve Dahl (interview in the NRK UFO TV documentary, ‘Traces in the fjord’), the son of Ola Kr. Dahl, 2 of the traces were large equilateral triangles (the sides measured 1.5 metre) and several other smaller equilateral triangles (1 metre). Arve Dahl also said that the area at Kjølsøya where the UFO landed, is 2.5 acres during the ebb, and is very visible from the air.

Another interesting occurrence that took place on the night of
9 June is probably linked to this case. That night several families in Bangsund experienced a strong interference with their TV signal before they lost their TV signal for a short while. Televerket (the Norwegian state telecommunications agency) didn’t find anything wrong with the TV transmitter when they checked it the next day. And every TV set started to function perfectly a short while after the TV signal was lost on 9 June. Bangsund is situated 1.5 kilometres from Kjølsøya.

And this story doesn’t stop there. Exactly similar UFO landing traces were found at Leirvikholmen (island) (20 imprints), Sundsøya (island), Varpneset and Sundsvatnet (lake) in the same general area.

Soil samples were sent to the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH – now NTNU) in Trondheim. NTH determined that the imprints on Sundsøya and Leirvikholmen were radioactive. Furthermore, NTH reported that the radioactive particles were foreign to them. This case represents the first time that scientists have found radioactive particles at a UFO landing site in Norway.

At each of the UFO landing sites in the Namsen Fjord, the unknown object (or objects) has (have) landed on clay ground in the fjord (and lake) and close to land. Researchers (both scientists and UFO researchers) who investigated this case admitted that they didn’t have a clue as to what it was that had landed in the Namsen Fjord in June 1972.

Everyone who researched this case was of the opinion that the object(s) which made the traces must have come through the air, because no vehicle tracks or boot imprints were found at the sites. And based on how heavy the object(s) must have been, they excluded the helicopter theory.

Below you'll find a photograph of one of the triangular shaped UFO landing traces that were found in the Namsen Fjord:

UFO-Norge (Norway) article (English translation):
‘The traces in the Namsen Fjord’:


NRK (the state broadcaster) broadcasted a UFO TV documentary in the late 1990s regarding the Namsen Fjord UFO cases throughout the years. The TV documentary was called, ‘Traces in the fjord’.

The UFO research of Arnulf Løken, a UFO-Norge representative who has researched the Namsen Fjord UFO cases, was presented in this TV documentary.

Løken recounts that, apart from the aforementioned UFO landing sites, UFO landing traces were also found at Våganvika and Hoddøya (island). According to Løken, the 3 traces at Hoddøya were very interesting. They were placed in an equilateral triangle and the distance between the traces was 9 meters. Also at this UFO landing site the traces were equilateral triangles, which were pressed into the clay ground.

Several of Norway’s leading UFO researchers are of the opinion that the Namsen Fjord area, the general area between Trondheim and Namsos – is the area in Norway which has had the most UFO sightings throughout the years. According to the NRK UFO TV report, hundreds of UFO sightings have been made in this area during the last six decades. Interesting UFO videos and photographs have also been recorded in this area.

NOTE: Kjølsøya, Sundsøya, Varpneset, Sundsvatnet and Hoddøya can be found on Google Earth.

Photo of one of the triangular shaped UFO imprints which were found in the Namsen Fjord ( photo)