Monday, 2 January 2012

UFO Radio Interview:
Terry Hansen: “UFOs & Media Coverage”,
29 August 2005 (Coast to Coast AM)

Host George Noory interviews journalist and UFO researcher Terry Hansen:

Terry Hansen, U.S. Journalist, Author, UFO Lecturer &
Researcher ( photo)
UFO Interview:
“Oral History Interview with James F. Bond, Sr.
(USAF SSgt., ret.)”, 26 February 2005
(Sign Oral History Project)

Thomas Tulien interviews retired U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant James F. Bond, Sr. (November-Flight Security Controller) regarding the 24 October 1968 Minot Air Force Base UFO incident:

Aerial photo of Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota
( photo)
UFO Mailing List Post:
“ ‘ Mystery Stalks The Prairie’ ”
by Colm Kelleher, 20 September 2002
(UFO UpDates, Toronto, Canada)

Colm Kelleher reports on the mid 1970s Great Falls, Montana area UFO activity and the UFO book, “Mystery Stalks the Prairie” (1976) (co-authored by Keith Wolverton and Roberta Donovan):

NOTE: The website is now defunct.

Aerial view of Great Falls, Montana and
Malmstrom Air Force Base (upper right centre)
( ( photo)