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UFO Website (YouTube Channel):
“Marco Antonio Petit” (Brazil)

Marco Antonio Petit, Brazilian UFO Documentary Filmmaker & 
Researcher (Marco Antonio Petit/ photo)

UFO Testimony by Brazilian Military Witness:

Published: 20 February 2019
(Marco Antonio Petit (YouTube channel), Brazil)

Video text (English translation by Google Translate):
“Another EXCLUSIVE testimony given to me [Marco Antonio Petit].

Stay tuned as new recordings are being made in the coming weeks.

Today, I am posting another explosive testimony of a high military rank, which commanded a vessel of the Brazilian Navy, responsible for the nautical signaling of the Paraguay River. This testimony was recorded in 1997 at the military’s own residence, already retired at the time, Captain of Sea and War João Maria Romariz.

I was the only one to have access to this military man, who broke his silence at the opportunity to reveal before his death what had happened to him and his men. The military had previously provided a single statement, when shortly after the experience of contact with several UFOs, he had been summoned to the Secret Service of the Navy, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, where his case was registered.

This is just another testimonial from the documentary that I released in the year of the interview with exclusively Brazilian cases, which today can be seen on my YouTube channel.

The female voice in the introduction comes from my ex-wife and mother of my daughter, Teresa Corrêa, who, at my request, narrated the documentary at the time, making the ‘calls’ and presentations of the cases and statements given to me, which were also edited and illustrated by me.

I am grateful to the friend and ufologist João Marcelo (João Marcelo channel) for recovering the original documentary produced by me on VHS in 1997, transforming the material to digital form, from which also the friend and video producer, David Mendes Duarte , responsible for my YouTube channel, highlighted the testimony of the military for this individual post.”

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(Marco Antonio Petit/ image)

UFO Radio Interview:
“Clas Svahn, Files of the Unexplained,
UFOs & More”

Streamed live: 14 January 2020
(Podcast UFO, Sebago, Maine)

Source: Martin Willis Live Shows (YouTube channel)

Video text:
“Clas Svahn will be joining us from Sweden to discuss UFOs in Sweden, [UFO-Sverige’s] massive library and his latest and very interesting book, Files of the Unexplained, The Hidden History and Forgotten Photographs from the world of the Unknown.


CLAS SVAHN Born: 12 April 1958 in Mariestad, Sweden.
Education: Journalist since 1978 after studies at Journalisthögskolan in Gothenburg.
Occupation: Journalist at Mariestads-Tidningen (Mariestad) 1978-1983, Norrbottens-Kuriren (Luleå) 1983-1990 and Dagens Nyheter (Stockholm), Sweden’s largest morning newspaper, since 1990. Works as a reviewer for UFO, science fiction and other related books for the Swedish libraries.
Family: Wife Anneli and two children, Niklas (born 1992) and Markus (born 1994).
Hobbies: UFO research, amateur astronomy.

Founded the local organisation UFO-Mariestad on 17 May 1974, member of UFO-Sweden’s board since 1988 and chairman 1991–2013. Since 2013 Svahn is international director for UFO-Sweden [UFO-Sverige] and also vice chairman for the organization. Chairman of Archives For the Unexplained, AFU, in Norrköping since 2017. Editor of UFO-Sweden’s magazine ‘UFO-Aktuellt’. Leader of two expeditions to Lake Nammajaure in 2012 and 2014 trying two locate a sunken Ghost Rocket. Main character in the documentary ‘Ghost Rockets’ 2015.

UFO-books in Swedish:
‘Domstensfallet – en svensk närkontakt 1958’ with Anders Liljegren (‘The Domsten case – a Swedish close encounter in 1958’, AFU 1989); ‘Mötet i gläntan’ with Gösta Carlsson (‘The encounter in the clearing’, NTB Parthenon, 1995); ‘UFO-Mysteriet – från flygande tefat till cirklar i sädesfälten’ (‘The UFO mystery – from flying saucers to crop circles’, Parthenon 1998); ‘Fakta om UFO’ (‘Facts about UFOs’, Parthenon 1998) with Göran Norlén; ‘UFO – möte med det okända’ (‘UFO – encounter with the unknown’, Semic 2000); ‘Vålnader, utomjordingar och mystiska fenomen – Bilder av det okända’, (‘Hauntings, aliens and mystical phenomena – Pictures of the unknown’ Semic 2010); Main contributor to ‘Världens största konspirationer’ (‘The world’s largest conspiracies’, Semic 2012); ‘UFO – spökraketer, ljusglober och utomjordingar’, (‘UFOs – Ghost Rockets, orbs of light and aliens’, Semic 2014); ‘Mötet i gläntan’ with Gösta Carlsson (‘The encounter in the clearing’ Parthenon & UFO-Sverige new and expanded edition 2015); ‘Det okända – övernaturliga möten och fenomen, (‘The Unknown - supernatural meetings and phenomena’, Semic 2018) and ‘Verklighetens Arkiv X’ (‘Files of the unexplained – the hidden history and forgotten photographs from the world of the unknown’ (Semic 2019).

UFO-books in English and contributions to other UFO books:
One chapter in ‘UFOs 1947–1987 – The 40 Year Search for an Explanation’ with Anders Liljegren (Fortean Tomes 1987, ed. Evans/Spencer); One chapter in ‘Phenomenon’ (Futura 1988, ed. Spencer/Evans); One chapter with Robert Bartholomew and Anders Liljegren in ‘UFOs & Alien Contact’, (Prometheus Books 1998, Bartholomew/Howard); One chapter in ‘The Swedish Ghost Rocket Delusion of 1946’ with Robert Bartholomew, Glenn Dawes and Anders Liljegren (Fortean Studies Volume 6, John Brown Publ. 1999, ed. Steve Moore); Two chapters in ‘UFOs and government – A Historical Inquiry’, (Anomalist Books 2012, ed. Michael Swords & Robert Powell); One chapter in ‘Ovnis: Las 50 mejores evidencias’, (Cydonia 2017, ed. José Antonio Caravaca); One chapter in ‘Aliens, Ships and Hoaxes’ (Kindle 2018, ed. Milton W. Hourcade); ‘Files of the unexplained – the hidden history and forgotten photographs from the world of the unknown’ (AFU 2019) and one chapter in ‘2019 International UFO Symposium’ (MUFON 2019, ed. Barbra Schuessler Sobhani).

UFO related books:
‘Övernaturligt’ (‘Supernatural’, coauthor, Semic 1997); ‘Oförklarligt’ (‘Unexplained’, coauthor, Semic 1998); ‘Gåtfullt’ (‘Strange’, coauthor, Semic 1999); ‘Berättelser om det okända’ (‘Tales of the unexplained’, Semic 2008)

Other media:
Svahn has also co-produced several domestic TV-programs in Sweden as well as SciFi Channels ‘Earthscan’ and ‘Sweden special’. During 2019 he produced a series of UFO programs for Dagens Nyheters TV channel. He has contributed with articles in many Swedish and foreign UFO magazines. Svahns pictures have been published in many books and magazines, such as: Evans/Spencer, ed: UFOs 1947–1987 (1987), Stone: UFO Investigation (1993), Moran: Alien art (1998), Clark: The UFO Encyclopedia (1998), Bord: ‘The World of the Unexplained’ (1998) and Nylén: ‘Den nödvändiga boken om Allsvenskan’ (2004).”

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(Martin Willis Live Shows/ image)