Thursday, 22 November 2012

UFO Lecture: 
Håkan Blomqvist  UFO-Sweden  Copenhagen 2012
(Exopolitics Denmark)

The lecture was held at Exopolitics Denmark’s UFO conference in Copenhagen in September 2012:

UFO web page: “PRESENTATIONS” (Exopolitics Denmark):

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UFO Website: 

AFU (located in Norrköping, Sweden) was founded in 1973:

Canadian Government UFO Document: 
“Canada’s UFOs: 
Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia – October 4, 1967”
(Department of National Defence, Ottawa, Canada)

An RCMP Corporal and six other witnesses sighted the unknown object, according to the memo:

The logo of the Department of National Defence
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UFO Radio Interview:
Chris Styles, 9 June 2007 
(Binnall of America)

Tim Binnall interviews the Canadian UFO researcher Chris Styles:

A large part of the radio show focuses on the 4 October 1967 
(at around 11:20 p.m. ADT) Shag Harbour (Nova Scotia, Canada
UFO incident.

Chris Styles, Canadian UFO Researcher
( freeze-frame)
UFO TV News Report:
“UFO’s: The infamous Shag Harbour incident”,
6 April 2001 (CBC News, Toronto, Canada)

CBC News reports on the 4 October 1967 (at around 11:20 p.m. ADT) Shag Harbour (Nova Scotia, Canada) UFO incident:

Map of Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada
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