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UFO Case Report: “READER’S REPORTS: A new report from the 1967 wave”

By Mrs. Lenore Colleen Bullock,
Flying Saucer Review Case Histories, 
Supplement No. 7, October 1971
(Flying Saucer Review, London, UK)

Mrs. Bullock and her husband sighted several self-luminous UFOs (a large cylindrical shaped UFO and 4 or 5 oval shaped UFOs) over Metherall Moor Farm, Beaworthy, UK on 22 October 1967, at around 7:00 p.m.:

Quote from the article:
“That was the end of the matter till two days later, when the story broke on the wireless of the two policemen who had chased a ‘light’ somewhere near Hatherleigh–this road is very near to our farm.”  

Satellite photo of Beaworthy, UK
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