Sunday, 22 May 2011

UFO TV News Report:
“Un OVNI en Vivo?”
(“A UFO Live?”) (Unknown Date)
(Canal 9, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Canal 9 filmed a UFO (in Ituzaingó, Buenos Aires) during recording of a TV report:

UFO TV News Report:
“Llega el OVNI (UFO)?” (Unknown Date)
(Canal 9, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

This is a TV report regarding a UFO incident that occurred over Argentina on 14 October 2008:

A very large UFO was observed, according to the video source.

UFO Magazine Article:
“El Fenómeno OVNI en Argentina (Capítulo II)”

(“The UFO Phenomenon in Argentina (Chapter II)”),
21 May 2011

(Altasierra Documentales Revista,, Cordoba, Argentina)

Altasierra Documentales Revista presents an interview with Argentine UFO researcher Carlos Ferguson:

English translation:

Carlos Ferguson is the founder and coordinator of the Red Argentina de Ovnilogía (RAO).

Carlos Ferguson,
Argentine UFO Researcher
( photo)
UFOs Pass Close to Spacewalkers

The 2 unknown objects can be seen at 57 seconds and 1:46 minutes into the video:

The video comes from Martyn Stubbs’ NASA TV UFO archives.