Thursday, 26 April 2012

UFO Article (Blog):
“Holland MI Radar-Visual UFO Case,
March 8, 1994, part one:”
by Dr. Michael D. Swords, 24 April 2012 (The Big Study)

Michael D. Swords personally investigated the famous 8 March 1994 Holland, South West Michigan radar-visual UFO case:

“Holland, Michigan” (

Aerial view of Holland, Michigan
( photo)
UFO Article:
“Science and UFOs: Part 4 –
Sincere but Uninformed Skeptics Have Been
Duped by Skeptical Inquirer Magazine”
by Robert L. Hastings, 24 April 2012
(The UFO Chronicles)

Part of this article focuses on journalist and UFO researcher Terry Hansen’s investigation into the organisation, CSICOP (now CSI):

Terry Hansen, U.S. Journalist, Author, UFO Lecturer &
Researcher ( photo)