Tuesday, 22 July 2008

NASA TV Films a Luminous UFO
Ascending from the Earth's Atmosphere

This is again footage from the NASA STS-124 Discovery Mission.

As we clearly see the Earth's curvature, it is easy to see that the UFO ascends from the atmosphere.

NASA TV UFOs: UFO Filmed during the NASA STS-124
Space Shuttle Mission

NASA STS-124: Launch date: 31 May 2008 /
Landing date: 14 June 2008.

Video comment (by video source): "STS-124 UFO caught on infrared camera. No audio at 1:22 and 1:26, you can see camera flash. Where are the pictures? Press Coverage?"


My comment: Again one can see a UFO sphere flying close to the Space Shuttle, as we see in this NASA TV footage.

And to be perfectly honest, many of the UFOs which are seen near the Space Shuttle and ISS change flight course. Space debris doesn't do that!

Here is another video of a UFO sphere, which was filmed during the STS-124 Mission: